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#WhyIRide: Seeing the World Anew

This May, we’re asking the question, “With so many reasons to ride, what’s yours?” The beauty of the bicycle is that it means many things to many people, so we wanted to highlight some of those many reasons this National Bike Month.

Today, we heard from Mari Lynch, of Monterey County, CA, who was featured on her local radio station about why she rides. 

Lynch, bike advocate in Monterey County, California, and founder of Bicycling Monterey, rides for lots of reasons. “Maybe best,” she says, “is seeing the world anew.”

In a radio spot with KUSP, Central Coast Public Radio, Lynch talks about finding bicycling again after moving to rural Monterey County. She writes:

“I’d almost forgotten about the joy factor.  The thrill of speeding downhill …the refreshing feel of fog misting my face…hearing bird songs …pausing to chat with folks…and knowing the power of my own legs. Maybe best is seeing the world anew.  Each blade of grass seems more vivid. It’s an awesome world, and staying closer to it inspires safeguarding it. On Sundays, I carry my helmet into church and get a special smile from usher Clyde Roberson, our biking mayor.  Clyde tells me, ‘You’re my hero.’ I know what he means.  We’re all heroes to one another.” 

Listen to the full radio segment here.