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Why the League?

This originally appeared in our Spring 2015 American Bicyclist magazine. Get it delivered to your home for free by joining the League today!

If you ask why enough, you quickly get to the heart of an issue.

Why does the League exist? We have a compelling mission, vision and belief statement that says we all win if everyone gets to enjoy the benefits and opportunities of bicycling. Why the League? There are other bike groups out there with similar goals; why should you support the League?

First and foremost, the League is special because of members like you who not only get out and ride but are also willing to speak up and get things done in your community. You show that time and again, and we thank you. Whether you are an elected official, League Cycling Instructor, club president, advocacy director or chair of your local Bicycle Advisory Committee, you demonstrate real leadership every day.

Secondly, I believe the League is special because you teach us what a bicycle-friendly community looks and feels like. You remind us every day that having a safe and pleasant experience on the bike is fundamental — whether you are riding to work, for fun, for a great charity or cause, to visit friends or get the groceries. Third, we’ve figured out how to build and sustain Bicycle Friendly Communities. We’ve created the roadmap, checklists and metrics. Even more fundamentally, we’ve discovered the DNA of bicycle-friendly communities AND the unique role we can play as an organization in leading the movement to create more and higher-level.

That’s why all our programs are focused on creating more bicycle-friendly communities — from our federal advocacy to our Smart Cycling education curriculum to our club insurance program. Our work enables LEADERS LIKE YOU to step up and make a difference; to follow the roadmap.

Our commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion is increasingly focused on growing this network of inspiring leaders and ensuring we are all more connected to and representative of the communities we serve.

Why? Because that will make our work sustainable and more relevant long into the future. We don’t do this alone. We depend on individuals like you to step up and help. That may be a membership, an additional financial contribution, or a recommendation to family and friends to get involved.

That means the world to us. Why? Because we’re creating a bicycle-friendly America for everyone. Please give to the League today — every dollar truly does go to making bicycling better.

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