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Why I Ride #12: Freedom and Equality

(Nino Pacini is a board member for Programs to Educate All Cyclists in Michigan and the founder of its 2×2 program, which allows people with visual impairments the opportunity to cycle regularly.)

Nino Pacini (right, blue helmet)

Cycling isn’t just a word to me.

When I think of “cycling,” immediately other words pop into my mind.

Words like, exercise, outdoors, relaxation, workout, and health come together to form the word “cycling.”

More specific words like freedom and equality are particularly important for me because, on the back of a tandem, my lack of vision doesn’t matter. Pedaling there I am just like everyone else.

So, the freedom to exercise my ability in an equal manner outdoors provides a fabulous relaxing workout and leads to a healthier life style!

All that in just one word!

May is National Bike Month and this year’s theme is One Ride, Many Reasons. To highlight and celebrate the many benefits of bicycling, throughout May we’ll bring you the personal reflections and inspirations of a diverse collection of bicyclists from coast to coast with our daily 31 Days, 31 Reasons blog feature.


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