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Who’s Selling Cycling to Women?

We’re just one month away from the National Women’s Bicycling Summit and we’re updating the website daily as we finalize the exciting line-up of speakers and sessions. Here’s a preview of just one of the important discussions at this first-ever event.

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(clockwise from left) Wunsch, Blue, Kohout, Davis-Overstreet

Media and Marketing: Who’s Selling Cycling to Women?

In the vernacular of marketing, if women’s cycling is a product, then who is selling it? Who should be and how? Words and images hold the power to help transcend known barriers, narrow the gender gap and improve access to cycling. Social media and open-source tools offer exciting new potential to unify women and amplify pro-cycling messages. Through engaging presentations, panelists will explore examples from a variety of media channels, share their own best practices and invite creative thinking from the audience about how to attract more women of all backgrounds to cycling for transportation, fitness and fun.


  • Susi Wunsch: Susi is founder of the New York City-based website, a growing online source of news, events, how to’s and stylish gear for city cyclists and “bike curious” New Yorkers. The site is dedicated to attracting more women to NYC’s bike lanes by demystifying and celebrating the joys of two-wheeled transportation. Susi is a member of the board of directors of the advocacy organization Transportation Alternatives and supports a variety of pro-biking causes in New York City.
    Twitter: @velojoy


  • Elly Blue: Elly is an influential commentator about bicycling, with an emphasis on economics, culture and gender. She owns and operates publishing and publicity company Taking the Lane Media, and is the co-founder of the Portland Society, a nonprofit professional organization for women who are passionate about bicycling.
    Twitter: @ellyblue
  • Yolanda Davis-Overstreet: Yolanda has more than 15 years experience in working on diversity marketing and creative communications campaigns serving clients such as Los Angeles World Airports, Los Angeles Convention and Visitors Bureau and Fortune Magazine Special Advertising Editorial Sections. As a marketing and graphic design/communications specialist and consultant, she currently focuses on helping non-profits and businesses to grow and enhance the effectiveness of their local and national outreach programs, as this relates to communicating and bridging gaps between the bike industry and diverse communities. Yolanda also serves a volunteer advocate for getting more people on bikes. Recently, she has turned to the camera to highlight a topic underrepresented in the media. Her documentary film, RIDE: In Living Color, tells the stories of African American cyclists and sheds light on the captivating power of cycling in urban Los Angeles and beyond.
    Twitter: @RideinLivingCol
  • Mia Kohout: Mia is the co-owner and co-publisher and editor-in-chief of Momentum Magazine, an independent media company that celebrates the growing transportation cycling movement in North America, with an emphasis on women and families.  She encourages more women to ride bikes by showcasing cycling as an easy, fun, sexy, smart and efficient way to get around. Mia is also the founder of Bike to Work Week in Metro Vancouver, where in its inaugural year in 2007 more than 1,000 new cyclists participated, of which more than 50 percent were women.
    Twitter: @momentummag

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