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What We Do (Besides Bicycling) To Slow Down And Find Joy

In addition to sharing how our partners in building a Bicycle Friendly America for everyone are building momentum in slowing down roads to save lives, League staff shared what we do in our daily lives to slow down and find joy (besides bicycling, of course) in the Winter 2022 issue of our American Bicyclist magazine. We hope you’ll find some time over the holidays to slow down and enjoy the road that is life — maybe trying a few ideas from the League staff! 

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Pod Gardening 

Generally, to slow down, I like to find a place and time where I can listen to podcasts and garden. Being able to be outside always helps me to focus, clear my mind and feel more connected to myself and the world. Gardening also makes me realize just how long it takes to grow food.

Alison Dewey: Education Director 

The Buddy System

My dog, Roxy, and I share a daily morning walk. The fresh air and slow-paced movement helps me wake up with positivity. Roxy is always so happy to get out the door. Her happiness is contagious and always brightens my day.

Raven Wells: Communications Coordinator

Listening To Music On Vinyl Records

Building up my vinyl collection has given me the peace of roaming around record stores—unplugged—looking for a new album to take home. There’s something about letting an entire album play from beginning to end without interruption that allows me to completely escape into the music.

Amelia Neptune: Bicycle Friendly America Director 

Chopped At Home

One of my favorite ways to slow down is to give myself time and permission to get creative in the kitchen—collect a smattering of ingredients and then look up five or six different recipes for inspiration—and then just be inventive and see what happens.

Riley P. Titlebaum: Education & Outreach Assistant

Reading The Room

I started exploring tarot as a method of self reflection in early 2021. I’m fascinated with the universal lessons, concepts, and life events the cards represent and the varied ways they’ve been interpreted. I enjoy mixing and modifying cards pulled from numerous sources to construct my own one-of-a-kind, patchwork decks.

Ken McLeod: Policy Director

Dog Watching

My husky Russy is of unknown age, adopted more than six years ago, and while huskies are known for being active, she is not. Watching her lay about, often with her tongue out, helps me slow down and appreciate my perpetual puppy who is unaware of life’s worries.

Caron Whitaker: Deputy Executive Director

Murder, She Read

I like to slow down by reading stories I can get totally wrapped up in like murder mysteries, or other people’s adventures that are far from my daily life.

Lauren Jenkins: Communications Director

Go With The Flow

Watercolor painting has been a great way to slow down and practice patience: you have to wait for the canvas to dry between layers. And, there is no room for perfectionism in watercolor: you have to learn to be comfortable with where the art form takes you.

Kevin Dekkinga: Director of Membership and Development 

Chicken Tenders

I built a coop for my backyard chickens several years ago. It’s been home to five or six birds at a time ever since, providing my family with eggs and a connection to their many neighborhood admirers.

Bill Nesper: Executive Director 

And The Beat Goes On

I slow down in a lot of ways. Biking is a primary way, but playing drums and writing music opens up a different part of my brain which also cuts off the often noisy world of distraction. Like biking, it’s physical, too, which helps!

Alyssa Proudfoot Siegel: Membership & Program Assistant

The Quintessential Millennial Marker

I go for a morning walk through my neighborhood to get some fancy coffee with my partner. It wakes up my brain and my body, gives me some quality time to chat with my favorite person, and gives me that caffeine fix I need to hop on my bike and face the day.

Special Digital Content

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Jamil Modaffari: Policy Specialist

I love cooking, listening to music and podcasts, taking care of my plants, watching tv, reading, fishing, hiking, etc. The list is too long for me to share, but regardless of the activity, there’s a special person I’m usually doing it with. My wife, Amber, helps me stay grounded and present even during life’s most challenging times. For me, it’s not always what I’m doing, but who I’m doing it with that matters most and brings me joy.

May you also have the chance to share the joys of being on two (or three) wheels with those who mean the most to you this holiday season! 

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