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Welcoming two new coaches to the League

In creating a more Bicycle Friendly America, the League wants to make biking safer, easier, and more accessible to everyone, whether commuting to work, exercising, or simply enjoying the freedom felt while bicycling. Part of that is engineering and encouragement, but a large part of that is education. To be a Bicycle Friendly Community, for example, a place must offer educational programs in bicycling skills for adults and children.

Our more than 6,000 League Cycling Instructors (LCIs) are key educators in communities across the country, from New York City to Eugene, Oregon. They lead classes for adults and youth to build their confidence and improve bike handling skills.

Training LCIs to teach our Smart Cycling skills rests in the hands of our elite group of League Cycling Coaches. Today, we’re excited to welcome two new League Cycling Coaches to our network. Jamie Gaskill in Fort Collins, Colorado (a Platinum BFC), and Jan Matheus, in Minneapolis, Minnesota (a Gold BFC), are both active advocates in their communities, experienced LCIs, and meet the League’s high standards of excellence to train and certify new LCIs through intensive three-day seminars.

Learn more about Jamie and Jan: 

Jamie Gaskill

Jamie Gaskill knows that bicycling education is about more than just bikes. Her commitment to reaching diverse audiences led to launching the Bicycle Friendly Driver class in December 2015, with a focus on teaching motor vehicle users more about how bicyclists ride and react.

Gaskill became an LCI in 2014 and leads bicycle-related education efforts for the City of Fort Collins, CO, where she acts as a volunteer coordinator overseeing over 120 volunteer Bicycle Ambassadors who are trained to teach others about bicycling and bicycling safety.

Why did you decide to pursue becoming a League Cycling Coach?

Being a League Coach enables me to combine my love of bicycling and my passion for people. Bicycling has the power to transform people’s lives and make the world a better place. By training League Cycling Instructors, I hope to inspire others to make a positive difference through bicycling and bicycling education.

Jamie Gaskill

Why is bicycle safety education important to you?

Education is an essential component of creating a Bicycle Friendly America. I like to call education the “Gateway E” of bicycle friendliness. It is one of the most affordable and impactful ways to influence individuals and build a culture that embraces bicycling as a form of transportation and a form of recreation. In addition, I truly believe that by educating all road users we not only make for a better bicycling culture, we also save people’s lives and reduce the number of crashes. Ultimately when we have safer bicycling communities we will see more people riding bikes.

One fun fact about you?

I was a competitive golfer for nine years and even played on a Division 1 college team for a short time. I quit playing competitive golf to start racing mountain bikes. The switch from golf to bicycling had lasting impacts that shaped my personal and professional lives. I’m happy to say that I made the right choice. I love my work as a transportation professional and love educating others about bicycling and bicycling safety. 

Jan MatheusJan Matheus

Growing up in Iowa, Jan Matheus thought people who rode their bikes across the entire state must be crazy. Now, in addition to being a passionate bike advocate and educator, she’s a six year participant in RAGBRAI, the ride across Iowa.

From her days as an original member of Richfield Bike Advocates, to her work on the which Bicycle Alliance of Minnesota Education Committee, Matheus is a dedicated bicycling ambassador. She became a League Cycling Instructor in 2014, is a Minneapolis Public Schools Safe Routes to School volunteer and is excited to join the Bicycle Alliance of Minnesota Coach Team.

Why did you decide to pursue becoming a League Cycling Coach?

I have been an educator for over 25 years. I find great enjoyment in helping people learn and succeed. Becoming an LCI was one of the best things I have accomplished, and I want to be able to help other educators and advocates find the joy in bicycle safety.

Why is bicycle safety education important to you?

Driving a bike is good for so many things, health, mental wellness, environmental impact, plus it is so much fun. Teaching people how to drive a bike safely anywhere takes away many of the barriers we face. Smart cycling helped me be a more confident cyclist, and I believe that is the key. My goal is to help others be confident so they chose their bike more.

Learn more about Jamie, Jan, and our other League Cycling Coaches and learn how to become a League Cycling Instructor, the first step to becoming a Coach.