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We can make every bike commute as valuable as Bike To Work Day

Even for the most die-hard bike commuters among us, is there anything better than Bike to Work Day? Not only are the free donuts plentiful, but you may even win a water bottle from the local bike shop sponsoring your pit stop. There are so many reasons we love riding to work: high-fives, smiles, long lost bike friends, and first-timers all dot the journey. 

What if we could make every bike commute feel as valuable as Bike to Work Day?

Ask your Member of Congress to co-sponsor the Bicycle Commuter Act, which would give people like you nearly $53 per month in tax breaks towards bike commuting expenses. If your representative is one of the 25 (and growing!) co-sponsors, please still take action through our advocacy platform to send your Member of Congress a thank you note.

Many employees are already able to deduct parking or transit costs, and this new bicycle commuter benefit would give parity to people who ride to work. The bill would also allow commuters who combine biking and transit to benefit, too. Study after study shows bike commuters are some of the happiest and this bill would help us encourage even more people to try human-powered tranportation to work–even if it begins with a ride to the train station!

 Take Action 

Here’s how the Bicycle Commuter Act would benefit employees:

  1. Reinstate the bike commuter benefit and extend that benefit to commuters using bikeshare and electric bikes.
  2. Allow employees to use up to 20 percent of the parking benefit for bicycling expenses, so that employees can use the benefit in combination with the parking and transit benefit. This gives commuters more freedom to combine transportation modes.
  3. Simplify the administration of the bike commuter benefit, allowing employees to use the benefit pre-tax, and saves employers from having to collect and record receipts.

Read more about the Bicycle Commuter Act in Bicycling Magazine and learn how this bill could encourage more people to treat every day like Bike to Work Day. 
Please contact your Member of Congress here and ask them to co-sponsor H.R.1507 to make bike commuting better for everyone.