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(Video) Biking Her Way Out of Unemployment

After months of emails and phone calls, I finally met Robin Bylenga in person at Interbike. A whirlwind of energy and passion, Bylenga wasn’t just there as the owner of Pedal Chic, a women’s-focused bike boutique in Greenville, South Carolina. She was there as the co-founder of Spokeswomen, a networking group for women in the bicycle industry, too.

Running a business, raising a family and connecting female leaders nationwide is more than a full-time job. But, for Bylenga, bicycling is more than business. “We like to think of ourselves as a women’s empowerment center,” she says of Pedal Chic.

That’s certainly what it’s been for her… as Robin explains in this segment on CNN Money.


UPDATE: Genevieve Walker, a contributor to Velojoy among other outlets, JUST posted a great story on Atlantic Cities about the Spokeswomen event at Interbike!


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