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Trek Keeps Pressure on Despite Lead in National Bike Challenge

League staff traveled to Waterloo, Wis., last week to visit Trek Bicycles HQ — and we were pleasantly surprised to see the current No. 1 large workplace in the National Bike Challenge taking ownership of that ranking.

The company’s headquarters is decked out with its very own National Bike Challenge staff leaderboard — a prominent reminder to keep logging those miles! Since the beginning of the Challenge in May, Trek has racked up a total of 308,094 miles with 893 riders on dozens of teams within the company.

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Those nearly 900 riders and Trek employees have already collectively burned almost 7 million calories, saved more than 87,500 pounds of CO2 gas emissions, and kept almost $30,000 in their wallets.

This is just the type of encouragement and dedication we love to see within participating businesses!

“We have made the NBC a huge priority at Trek this year,” said Brandon Buth, Trek’s Advocacy Manager. “We have ramped up our internal communications, offered great prizes, and have really created a culture at Trek that makes you want to ride your bike everyday. Plus, you don’t want your team to end up in the bottom 10 in the cafe leader board…”

Trek’s even started a tradition: They have a 2012 National Bike Challenge winners board hanging as a reminder and a challenge to this year’s participants.  

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Trailing Trek in the large business category is Kimberly-Clark Corp., the founders of the Challenge. Can they catch Trek?

Stay tuned at, and be sure to keep logging those miles! 

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