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Summit Sponsor Spotlight: QBP

The National Bike Summit unites the voices of bicyclists on Capitol Hill, from top industry executives to weekend recreational riders. We all share a passion for bicycling, but each have our own unique reasons that inspire us to get in the saddle, and speak up for better bicycling in our communities.

We chose this year’s theme — United Spokes — because we recognize the tremendous momentum at the state and local level — and the impact those individual efforts and personal stories have collectively in building momentum at the federal level and helping us achieve our shared goal: A bicycle-friendly America for everyone.

Of course, the Summit wouldn’t be possible without our sponsors, all of whom are critical spokes — and spokespeople — in our winged wheel. Quality Bicycle Products, based in Minnesota, is a sponsor this year at the $5,000 level and we checked in with QBP’s Director of Organization Development, Lori Richman (pictured below, right, on a typical January commute!), about why she’s uniting with hundreds of advocates on March 3-5 at the National Bike Summit.

What speaks to you about bicycling?

Bicycling is pure fun! It is an experience that provides full-immersion into the environment. With the compartmentalized, electronic, frenetic, and indoor nature of most work, bicycling is the antithesis of those things. It is full-body, full-sensory, and full-joy, even when the riding is tough or the weather is uncooperative. And, as a byproduct of this great experience, I also get the following benefits:

  • Great exercise – I don’t have to go work out, I get my workout on my commute.
  • Great time to think and process my day when I ride alone. The thinking time happens with better processing from the physical exercise.
  • I never wonder how I got to work – or how I got home.
  • I develop relationships with other riders in a deeper, experience-it-together way. My commute “buddy” and I (another mom of teenagers), share everything from recipes to teenage angst, along with freezing rain, thunderstorms under bridge overpasses, snow piles, and brutal headwinds.
  • It has been a healthful activity that I can continue for the rest of my life.
  • It has brought my cholesterol down, my weight down, and my stamina up.
  • Riding through a nature preserve for part of my commute has provided great views and wildlife, including deer, coyotes, foxes, turkeys, owls, pileated woodpeckers, scarlet tanagers, and, well, the list could go on and on!
  • Finally, being a regular bike commuter gains me entrance into a community (the bike community) that is welcoming, happy, helpful, and filled with amazingly good people who believe in the fundamental goodness of what bicycling can do for us as individuals, communities, and the world.

What excites you about the Summit?

Two things primarily: It’s attended by those folks listed in the last bullet point above: welcoming, happy, helpful, and good people who believe in bicycling. And it’s an opportunity to influence others to create infrastructure that supports and creates better systems for more people to ride. Bicycling can change the world for the better: transportation, health, environment, and fun. What could be better?

Hear more from Richman at the National Women’s Bicycling Forum, where she’ll moderate a discussion with high-ranking women in industry and advocacy about successful leadership skills and qualities. Register for the Summit and Forum today!