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This Summer, “Drive Less, Bike More” Rides Again

It’s time again to kick off our challenge to all Americans to see the utility and possibilities of going places by bike. Will you join us in our campaign to “Drive Less, Bike More”?

Last year, we set a goal to make 1 million miles of transportation trips by bike. In total, you rode more than 1,500,000 miles for transportation, that’s over 167,337 lbs of CO2 spared for the planet! Can you imagine just how much greener we can get in 2022? How about 2 million miles worth!

Starting now (that’s if you ever stopped), we’re asking you to find as many opportunities as possible to put down the car keys and put on a helmet. Make your next trip to the movies or ice cream shop by bike and join tens of thousands of others in making 2 million miles of bike trips for transportation by the end of 2022.

Sign up to “Drive Less, Bike More” 

In the United States, half of ALL trips taken by car are less than 3 miles long. That’s just about a 20-minute bike ride! This summer, spend more time outdoors (and outside cars) and help us show that more trips are “bike possible” by logging your miles with the League and Love to Ride.

Any type of bike trip for transportation: from commuting to work, running errands around town, grabbing dinner with a friend, or picking up groceries counts towards our 2 million mile goal. And transportation trips are often more convenient—and more fun—by bike. So, why not convert one or two short car trips per week to bike trips and improve your health, your community’s wellbeing, the environment, and even put money back into your pocket (yes, we’re talking about those ridiculously high gas prices). 

“Through ‘Drive Less, Bike More’ we are showing more Americans just how possible it is to go places by bike,” said Bill Nesper, executive director of the League. “As bike advocates, we know the endless possibilities for the climate, for our economy, for public health and more when choosing to go places by bike is a safe and convenient default option. That’s why the League and our members have been pushing our leaders in Washington, DC, and in communities across the country to make bold investments in creating safe, connected transportation networks, in access to bicycling education, and creating more opportunities for biking with others. We saw big wins for biking in the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and we’re rolling out updates to what it means to be a Bicycle Friendly Community, emphasizing equity in the built environment, policies, and programming. Similarly, we hope ‘Drive Less, Bike More’ inspires the small changes to more folks’ routines that bring about big impacts to our communities and our world.”

How To Get Started:

  1. Sign up through Love to Ride. (Already signed up? Then make sure you’re logging your trips!) 
  2. Complete a survey on your current transportation habits. 
  3. Begin logging bike rides and encourage others to join! Click here to download our DLBM Social Media Toolkit to make sharing the challenge with friends and followers easier.

On the Love to Ride platform, you can earn badges for bike trips, connect with others, and see how you’re contributing to the 2 million mile goal. As you log rides, either manually or by connecting an app like Strava, be sure to mark your transportation trips in Love to Ride to earn credit (and potentially win prizes!) Happy riding!

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