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‘Spot the Chief for a 10 Spot’

This week we announced our latest round of Bicycle Friendly Communities. There is now at least one BFC in all 50 states, and more than 69 million Americans live in a BFC.  Juneau, AK, is a new Bronze-level Bicycle Friendly Community — this story comes to us from Jonathan Lange, a transportation planner for the city.

We are excited again to be recognized as a Bicycle Friendly Community. Through State, City, and local group efforts Juneau is making strides to becoming a great bicycle friendly community.

The State Department of Transportation has three fully funded and designed projects in the works that will critically improve the bicycle network throughout Juneau.  These projects include bicycle lanes into downtown; bicycle improvements in a key industrial and commercial center; and a bicycle and pedestrian underpass and an extension of over one mile of new multi-use pathway connecting our valley population to the University of Alaska Southeast, and to two highly used local hiking trails.  City government has many projects and programs that are helping to increase bicycle usage and education. 

The City Harbor has just completed a new segment of seawalk or dock, and has plans to extend the multi-use seawalk a half a mile further to bicycle connections and the local bike rental shop.  The Parks and Recreation Department of the City makes bicycles available for youth usage at their youth facility. 

The Juneau Police Department has played an important role in educating the community and elementary children on bicycle safety through its annual bicycle rodeos.  The Police Chief has also started a new campaign called “Spot the Chief for a 10 spot”.  Any member of the public who spots the Chief as he rides through town with a spotted jersey can call into the Police Department and receive ten dollars.  This campaign received great media coverage and helps promote bicycle safety and awareness.Trail Mix a non-profit coordinates with the City and maintains trails for mountain bikers. 

Juneau Rides, a community group, helped to make National Bike Month, Bike to Work Day, and Bike to School Day a success this year with events, commuter stations, and bicycle safety and maintenance stations throughout the community.  Though Juneau may have an above average number of rainy days and inclement weather, Juneau governmental agencies and citizen groups are helping to make Juneau a safe and active bicycle friendly community.