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Sharon Thorne: Learning to Love the Ride

In celebration of May as National Bike Month, we are asking League staff members why they ride and how they make the most of Bike Month.

Next up is Administrative Assistant Sharon Thorne.

Sharon Bike Month photo

What do you like most about Bike Month?

I like the energy and excitement of the Bike Month.  I especially like to see people come together with one common goal in mind – to bike more often.  I also enjoy calls coming into the League office about how to put on an event, post an event. It is great to see all of the interest in Bike Month on social networks such as Twitter and Facebook.

What inspires you to ride your bike?

My health inspires me to ride while enjoying the outdoors.

When and why do you ride?

I ride most often during League events or on weekends, having fun with that special someone.  I also take spin classes. Does that count?

What’s your favorite story about you on a bike?

My favorite story is going on a ride with the League staff to the newly opened Woodrow Wilson Bridge.  It was my first time riding a bike in a while.  Although it rained within in five minutes of starting, there were some unexpected highlights like riding in traffic, going through the trails in Virginia, crossing over the bridge into Maryland.

I had a bumpy ride. I actually crashed three crashes times – due to my negligence. I learned the hard way never to ride while distracted. I fell while calling the League’s vice president on my cell phone while riding after I split off from the group. Now I know that’s a big No-No. Then I had some trouble trying to cross over some train tracks. Finally, I was looking at a rider on the opposite side and lost my balance.  I was so happy to get back to our office. From all of those experiences, I definitely learned how to ride more safely.

You don’t yet ride every day. What changes would make you ride your bike more?

I live in the Prince Georges’ County area of Maryland.  If we could get bike lanes coming from Maryland to the city or better trails that would put me closer to the city, I would commuter every day.   I would love to bike every day.  I can image how much weight I would lose.

What tips do you have for new bike commuters?

Get with an experience rider or join a bike club where you can build up yourself confidence.

What do you know now that you wish you knew before your first rode a bike?

I realize how much money I could save by commuting on a bike and the benefits of keep a good figure.

What do you typically wear to ride?

Nothing fancy. I wear workout clothes, running pants, sweat pants, t-shirt, but one day I will have one of those cute biking outfits.

Thanks, Sharon!

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