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Representative Blumenauer Works to Bring Infrastructure Listening Sessions to You

Man standing in front of a flag and smiling.

Representative Earl Blumenauer

Yesterday I had the opportunity to join Oregon Representative Earl Blumenauer and others to discuss infrastructure needs in the Philadelphia area. If the Congressman gets his way, this will be the first of many roundtables in a national listening tour on infrastructure needs and ideas.

Representative Blumenauer sits on the Ways and Means Committee in the House of Representatives. He is working within Congress to create a new subcommittee on Ways and Means, the committee responsible for tax policy, that will focus on infrastructure funding.

For years, Representative Blumenauer has been advocating for Ways and Means to spend more time and energy on raising revenue for infrastructure with little tangible gains. Now he is promoting an idea to create a new sub-committee within the Ways and Means committee, to focus exclusively on funding infrastructure.

He believes in order to build support to raise revenue for infrastructure, Congress needs to ask Americans – What do you think? What infrastructure does your community need? What would help build better transportation networks, bring new jobs and economic development to your community, or improve access to transportation options?

In the Philadelphia listening session, Representative Blumenauer heard from local governments, the transit agency, and others- including bicycling advocates. Sarah Clark Stuart, Executive Director of the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia spoke about the need for growing the transportation alternatives and to put a emphasis on improving safety for all road users. Representative Blumenauer is making notes and taking names, so look for your opportunity to weigh in.

If Congressman Blumenauer is successful, he may be coming to your community next!

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