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Presenting our 2020 Award winners

At a typical National Bike Summit, we get to spend an evening together celebrating some of the remarkable people who keep our bike movement moving forward. These people and organizations take bold action, lead on equity and inclusivity, and inspire us to do better in our efforts to make biking better. 

In 2020, we get to celebrate over four nights! Since we took our Summit online, we’re taking our awards online, too. And you’re invited! Learn more about our 2020 Advocacy and Education Award winners below and sign up to attend our awards ceremonies.

May 7th Ceremony

Katherine T. “Kittie” Knox Award 

This award recognizes champions of equity, diversity, and inclusion in the bicycling movement. This award goes to an individual or group that has led in making bicycling more inclusive and representative and has worked to remove barriers to participation by underserved and underrepresented people in their community, state, or country.

Learn more about Kittie Knox and her advocacy for a more inclusive League and bike community.

Our inaugural 2020 award goes to Ayesha McGowan

Ayesha has been a leader in the cycling world, speaking truth to power about the need for building a more inclusive, representative, and equitable bike community. At the same time, she has been racing at the highest levels of the sport and recently signed a pro contract, becoming the first black female pro cyclist. In nominating Ayesha for this award, people noted that she is “an inspiration to all of us that want bicycling to be more accessible to people in our communities” and “a forceful voice for more representation of black people and experiences in cycling.”

Susie Stephens Joyful Enthusiasm Award

This award commemorates Susie Stephens, one of the Alliance for Biking & Walking’s founders and an enduring inspiration for many members of the bicycle and pedestrian movement. The honor goes to an individual or group who carries on Susie’s passion for advocating for bicycling as a fun and economical means of transportation. 

Our 2020 award goes to Gina Simpson

Gina has been a force for biking in Cleveland, Tennessee, and has been a leader with Bike Walk Cleveland since 2017, when it was founded. Like so many dedicated advocates, Gina became a League Cycling Instructor to share her love of biking with others. As an LCI, Gina is helping “educate students in Bike Walk Cleveland’s successful Bikes to Schools program” which reached more than 3,000 kids in 2019. She “has worked tirelessly to advocate for commuter cycling routes, education, and community outreach. Through her efforts more families than ever are riding through the neighborhoods and on the Greenway in Cleveland, TN.”

Watch the May 7th Ceremony 

May 14th Ceremony

Emerging Leader of the Year

This award is a special accolade for a young person who is new to the bicycling movement and has demonstrated exceptional and inspiring bicycle advocacy. Nominees have demonstrated leadership in their short tenure and show great potential to continue leading in the bicycling movement.

Our 2020 award goes to Michael Kelley of BikeWalkKC. 

One of Michael’s nominators summed it up best: “Michael joined the movement 2.5 years ago and has quickly become a passionate advocate. Being a debate champion, he brings an enthusiasm, preparedness, and fire to public speaking and testimony at local City Halls –  inspiring our members and grabbing the attention of decision-makers. I am incredibly impressed by how quickly Michael has grown into this work and am excited to see what he does in the future. Michael’s community involvement includes the Kansas City Environmental Management Commission, Metro KC Mayors‚ Climate Action Coalition, and the Chamber of Commerce Leadership Development program.”

Gail & Jim Spann Educator of the Year

This award recognizes a person who has worked to elevate bike education in their state/community. We’re looking for educators who are current League Cycling Instructors, active in teaching classes in the past year, serve diverse communities, and have shown innovation in their education work. 

Our 2020 award goes to Debra Stefan

A newer League Cycling Instructor, Debra has quickly developed a “standout passion” for bike education. She is constantly finding innovative ways to deliver educational materials and, as one nominator notes, “has such willingness and enthusiasm to create bike education tools for her community. She is eager to share her resources with others, is an active member of the LCI network, organized a LCI seminar, and has hosted countless classes in her first year as an LCI.”

Watch the May 14th ceremony 

May 21st Ceremony

Advocacy Organization of the Year 

This award goes to a bicycling and/or walking advocacy organization or club who, in the past year, made significant progress. Their leaders have worked tirelessly together to grow and strengthen their organization and fulfill their mission. The proof of their efforts is in the growth of their capacity, programs, membership and the victories they have achieved for biking and walking in their state/community. This award is about recognizing organizations that are inclusive, welcoming, and committed to growing bicycling. 

Our 2020 award goes to Asheville on Bikes 

Nominators mentioned a number of initiatives undertaken by Asheville on Bikes and documented several advocacy wins, but one longtime Asheville resident and volunteer noted a particular program that stood out: “Finally, in an initiative that is near and dear to my heart, AoB is making a huge difference in creating a culture of bicycling for all members of our community. I don’t have time, here, to detail the disparity issues within our community. But I will say this, through the Bike Club program, AoB is ensuring that all kids, regardless of race, income, or where they live can explore their city by bike.”

Club of the Year 

This award is for a bicycle club that has done an excellent job at providing a great experience for its members and people who are new to bicycling. The goal of this award is to recognize clubs that do an exceptional job at integrating advocacy into club activities or supporting advocacy organizations while creating exceptional events for new and experienced bicyclists. This award is about recognizing clubs that are inclusive, welcoming, and committed to growing bicycling.

Our 2020 award goes to Black Girls Do Bike

Black Girls Do Bike started with Monica Garrison’s determination to get more black women biking and now has 74 chapters across the globe. Nominators noted the club’s commitment to diversity and inclusivity, the heart health, to being “a welcoming organization across the country for women wanting to get into cycling.” You can find Black Girls Do Bike members participating in everything from “track racing, mtb, cyclocross, bike touring, and social riding.”

Watch the May 21st ceremony

May 28th Ceremony 

Advocate of the Year 

This award goes to a leader of a bicycling and/or walking advocacy organization who has shown tireless commitment to promoting bicycling and walking in their state/community. This person goes above and beyond the call of duty to transform their state/community into a great place for biking and walking. Their time, knowledge, creativity, and commitment are the highest standard of excellence exemplifying a role model for peers.

Our 2020 award goes to Rebecca Serna of the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition 

Again, a nominator really sums up Rebecca’s award best: “Atlanta’s transformation into a bicycle mecca can be traced to many individual and group efforts, but Rebecca Serna has been far and away the most consistent bicycle champion in a city that has significant multi-modal challenges. Rebecca has the vision and commitment to change Atlanta for the better; every city should be lucky to have Rebecca at the helm of their local advocacy organization.”

Watch the May 28th ceremony