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Bicycling is a wonderful, fun and healthy activity. But it’s not without some risk and when that driver cuts you off or you hit a pothole and crash, you are going to want an advocate to fight for your rights. 

That’s why we’re so proud to have a strategic partnership with Bike Law, a national network of attorneys who specialize in personal injury cases involving bicyclists like you. We are now hosting a directory of Bike Law attorneys on our site here.

More than that, these are the people who care deeply about bicycling and bicyclists. They are bicyclists themselves and they understand the reality of riding on city streets and country roads firsthand. And even beyond that, they give back to the bicycling community. Many of the lawyers that make up the Bike Law network contribute to state and local advocacy groups; sponsor rides and events; and support local bike shops and clubs that are an essential part of creating a bicycle-friendly America. 

The Bike Law Network was founded by Peter Wilborn, Bob Mionske, and Ann Groninger, it has expanded to cover 20 states.  As we prepared the announcement for this new partnership, we caught up with Wilborn to talk more about his work, the value of this partnership, and why Bike Law chooses to be a National Bike Summit sponsor.

How did you come to found the Bike Law Network? What’s your personal interest and stake in laws affecting bicyclists and assisting bicyclists in your work?

I was a “Breaking Away” kid, and cycling has always been my passion. My career changed in 1998, when my brother Jim was killed on his bicycle by an under-aged driver who ran a red light. My family found the “best” lawyer in that town, and the first question he asked was “Did Jim have a DUI?” With my grieving family staring in disbelief, he clarified: “Well, why else was he on a bike?”

From that point I pledged to combine my avocation with my vocation; I took my first bike case that year, and hundreds since. Ten years ago, I linked up with Ann Groninger in North Carolina, later with Bob Mionske in Oregon, and now with lawyers in 20 states and Canada.  And we are growing!    

Why partner with the League? What’s value do you see in this partnership? 

We believe in client advocacy and cause advocacy.  We might do a good job in an individual case, but it is an incomplete victory without a positive impact on the cycling community. Working with the League has helped Bike Law become more effective advocates for a cause we love: better bicycling. In the past, we’ve worked closely with the League on legal reform and individual cases, and we look forward to much more in the future. is a generous Summit sponsor, as well. Why do you support an event like the Summit?

Sponsoring the Summit was the logical next step. The more we work with the League and its staff, the more we experience its successes in cities and states across the country, the more we want to be involved. The Summit is a great opportunity to deepen connections, learn best practices, get inspired, and see old friends.  We cannot wait! 

We can’t wait either! If you haven’t already registered, click here to sign up today!