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National Bike Summit Congressional Asks

Curious about what our National Bike Summit Asks will be? In order to make your Hill meetings as successful as possible, we’ve created a number of helpful hand-outs with information about talking points for you to cover in your meetings with your Representatives, Senators and their staff.

1.Thank you for passing a long term transportation bill.
In November Congress passed a five year transportation bill that includes some wins for bicycling and walking.  Please use this visit to thank your member of Congress if they supported the passage of this bill.

2. Will you co-sponsor the Personal Health Investment Act?
The Personal Health Investment Today Act (or PHIT Act) encourages individuals to invest in physical fitness by allowing individuals to use pre-tax dollars in their Health Savings Accounts or Flexible Savings Accounts to pay for exercise and sports equipment, fitness classes or school sports fees.

The PHIT Act document we’ve prepared shows you how to advocate for an incentive tax program that we hope will be considered in a tax reform or tax benefit package.

3. Will you support safe bicycling?
Under the FAST Act, Congress changed how states can fund bicycling education and enforcement programs, including a new funding source for states with high levels of bicyclist and pedestrian fatalities. We would like to use this Congressional visit to educate Congressional staff on how these changes affect your state and to ask for their support in ensuring your state takes advantage of available funding to fund education regarding safe bicycling and walking for law enforcement, motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians. 

 Learn more about the ask from this one-pager we’ll be handing out to Congressional offices.