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National Bike Challenge Rolls out with May Team Challenge

42,931 people participated in the first month of the National Bike Challenge and logged more than 7.7 million miles!

The National Bike Challenge is running May through September again this year and started off with a month-long team-based challenge. People got together and formed social teams of up to eight team members which then competed against nine other teams in their “Pool.” Every team then had a good chance of getting 1st, 2nd or 3rd place in their Pool.

National Bike Challenge

In the end 1,248 teams earned a spot of the podium! Points were given not just for riding miles but also for encouraging more people to ride.

The idea behind the National Bike Challenge is to get more people riding and experiencing the freedom and fun you can have on two wheels. Riding a bike has many benefits not just for the individual but also for our communities and shared spaces. That’s why extra points were given for encouraging new riders in the May Team Challenge

National Bike Challenge 

Sponsored by 3M, this is a great start for the National Bike Challenge which will continue until the end of September, with individual, community and state leaderboards being active throughout. On the state vs state leaderboard in the four to eight million residents Oregon and Washington are in a tight race to see which state can get the most points.

The next big part of the National Bike Challenge is “Cycle September,” where workplaces will compete against each other to see who can engage the highest numbers of staff to ride!

There’s still time to join the more than 42,000 rider who are celebrating riding and showing their support for bicycles in their communities. You can sign up right here:

National Bike Challenge

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