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My Bike Gives Me…

What does your bike give you?   

Better health? A convenient — and fun — way to get around town? The sheer joy of feeling like a kid again? 

Today, on #GivingTuesday, take a moment to GIVE BACK to bicycling. Help the League in our mission to build a Bicycle Friendly America for everyone. 

We asked some of our fellow staff members: What does your bike give to you? Here are their responses…

“A moment of sanity in otherwise crazy days. Sure, the bike is great for health and fitness, the environment, energy conservation, personal economics etc etc. I love all those things. But honestly, there’s no better way to start and finish the day than riding my bike. I am in control; I know how long the trip will take regardless of Presidential motorcades, crashes on the beltway, people getting sick on the Metro…; and I get to think about the day ahead or process everything at the end of the day. That time to myself is simply priceless.” — Andy Clarke, League President 

“How many people actually look forward to their daily commute? I do. That’s what bicycling gives me.” — Darren Flusche, Policy Director

“My bike gives me quality time with my family outdoors. It’s fun to explore our neighborhood trails together, participate in a community bike ride or ride down to the lake for a picnic!” — Nicole Wynands, Bicycle Friendly Community & State Program Manager

“My bikes gives me my fastest way to work, a peak in my heart rate, preferred parking at the metro, warmth on a cold winter day and $5 to spend on something other than parking my car. I save over $2,500 each year using my bike to get to work instead of my car. There are also all the ‘un-quantifiables’ — my better health, improved well-being, stronger knees, and always the natural, wind-blown hair look, even when wearing my helmet.” — Alison Dewey, National Bike Challenge Director

“My bike gives me a sense of community. Riding around town, discovering new and interesting ways to have a safe and enjoyable ride –- or a delicious snack, bicycling allows me to be connected in a dynamic and exciting way to everything my community has to offer.” — Ken McLeod, Legal Specialist

“My bikeshare bike gives me freedom and convenience.” — Ariell Heacox, Membership & Education Coordinator

“My bike gives me the opportunity to save money and the environment on a daily basis!” — Amelia Neptune, Bicycle Friendly Business & University Program Manager

“My bike gives me the perfect way to get to my favorite places to cross country ski!” — Stephen Clark, Bicycle Friendly Community Program Specialist

“My bike gives me a chance to greet neighbors, enjoy holiday decorations and be part of of my community on a daily basis.” — Caron Whitaker, Vice President of Government Relations

“My bike gives me almost instant happiness. I know that it’s going to happen before I get on it yet I feel a kind of surprise when it hits me.” –Bill Nesper, Vice President of Programs

What does bicycling give to you? Tell us on Twitter — click here to Tweet your support for #bikes on #GivingTuesday and help us grow the movement!

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