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Monday Morning Roundup — Post Thanksgiving links

National Public Radio and New York-based newspapers have been busy with bike-related stories recently.

NPR reports that CEO John Fahey organizes lunchtime bikerides with the staff of the National Geographic Society, a Bicycle Friendly Business. Rutger University Professor John Pucher calls bicycling the ‘in’ thing to do.

Do Complete Streets make you happier?  “How to Thrive” author Dan Buettner tells NPR that having sidewalks and “making walking easier” contributes to happiness. That and socializing 7 hours a day.

Busy times in New York City:

Last week the New York Times reported on a plan to bring bike-sharing to New York City…

and despite growing numbers of cyclists, we’re told of a bicycle backlash

Richard Florida says bikes have an essential role…

the Wall Street Journal reported on the city’s ‘Don’t be a jerk’ campaign and compares New York to other major cities…

and today, we learn about City Hall staff who ride to work.

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.


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