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League Moves on to New Challenges

Over the past three years, the League has been privileged to play a pivotal, leadership role in the National Bike Challenge, uniting bicyclists of all abilities and interests to collectively log nearly 100 million miles.

The Challenge has shown us the valuable role the League can play in catalyzing a great idea and the immense power in using our national reach to make a difference at the local level. We’re excited to see how the Challenge continues to evolve, as the League shifts to its new strategic plan and new challenges in 2015.

“We transition from our leadership role in the National Bike Challenge with immense pride,” said League President, Andy Clarke. “We’ve seen the event grow from an internal Kimberly-Clark mileage log inspired by the League’s Bicycle Friendly Business program to a national Challenge that has changed people’s lives, saved companies money, and put a smile on the faces of tens of thousands across the country. The Challenge is a great example of how we can help to lead the movement by incubating innovative ideas.”

“The League has been an incredible partner throughout the years,” said Rob Gusky, Kimberly-Clark’s Ambassador of Cycling. “They have grown the National Bike Challenge to new and exciting heights and we are proud to have partnered with them for the critical start-up and launch phase. Their leadership in the national bike movement has given the Challenge a tremendous springboard for it’s future success.”

The success and impact of the National Bike Challenge has inspired thousands of current bicyclists and encouraged countless new riders. In 2014 alone, Challenge participation increased by 36%, mileage rose by 25%, and the number of local advocacy organizations using the tool to boost ridership and membership jumped by more than 30%.

To ensure a dynamic experience for those users, the League co-created a new Challenge website, which integrated multiple smartphone apps, provided enhanced rider reports for workplaces, and created a more user-friendly environment for participants. It recently won a W3 Award for user experience and web creativity.

The most rewarding part of the Challenge was the personal achievements it created and how it made a difference in so many lives. Throughout the five months, I continuously heard how the Challenge helped participants lose weight, feel better, improve camaraderie in the workplace, and unite with fellow bicyclists. It did exactly what it was designed to do—create healthier behavior choices and make bicycling even more fun.

The League extends its thanks to the generous sponsors of the Challenge, the tireless advocacy organizations and businesses that championed it and the nearly 50,000 riders who united to pedal more than 23 million miles to show the power and potential of bicycling in communities nationwide.

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