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League membership: the protected cycletrack of associations

Here at the League, members are at the core of every program, every initiative, every action. As the ‘big tent’ national organization for bicycling, we need the wide depth and variety of experience, background, and perspective that only the bike community at-large can provide. Cycling in this country is experiencing a renaissance, built soundly on the platform of the many voices of our riders.

Members not only fund our change-making programming, but they help inform our direction, provide direct action with their elected officials, and empower local bicycling initiatives. This became absolutely clear when the League mounted a campaign for a “vision test” in the AV START Act last year. When Congress went ahead with a bill that would have largely allowed the auto industry to set its own safety rules for Autonomous Vehicles, our members flooded Senate offices with 8,000 messages opposed to the bill that didn’t make the roads any safer for bicyclists or pedestrians. 

To count yourself as an agent of change for bicycling, join the League during our Spring Member Drive!

For this month only, you’ll be entered to win a Story Bicycles e-bike, a BikeFlights voucher, and all new and renewing members will ride off with $20 in Spinlister credit.

As a small token of appreciation for our members, we’re proud to offer bike-focused benefits just as a way to say ‘thank you!’ You can read all about our member discount partner program at Some of my favorites include:

  • makes it convenient, reliable and affordable for you to get your bike to wherever you want it to go, whether it’s for your next event, vacation or work trip, or you’re buying or selling a bike online. With Best Way Guarantee, you get the best price, on-time delivery and best service with each shipment. LAB members save $10 off all round-trip shipments (or $5 off per leg) with Contact [email protected] for a direct link.
  • Island Press began with a simple idea: knowledge is power – the power to imagine a better future and find ways for getting us there. Founded in 1984, Island Press’ mission is to provide the best ideas and information to those seeking to understand and protect the environment and create solutions to its complex problems. We elevate voices of change, shine a spotlight on crucial issues, and focus attention on sustainable solutions. League members receive 30% off books at Email [email protected] for your code.
  • Prevelo Bikes: The Prevelo Bikes mission is simple: make bikes for kids that are as confidence inspiring, easy, and fun to ride as possible. All Prevelo bikes are 100% engineered for kids from the start. League members enjoy 5% off all orders. Email [email protected] for your unique discount code.
  • Roar Adventures: League of American Bicyclists Members save 5 percent or more on amazing bike tours around the globe with Roar Adventures. Roar Adventures’ team of cyclists hand-picks amazing bike tours, bringing you a broad range of cycling experiences with top-notch service and knowledgeable local guides. Find your next bicycling travel adventure and take advantage of your member discount at 

Take advantage of these and any of our benefits for bicyclists by emailing [email protected] for discount codes or links. 

Join the League to be the first to hear about new or special benefits–and to support our work throughout the year. 

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