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Cycling for Change: Recapping the first League Cycling Advocate Workshop 

In March, the League of American Bicyclists kicked off our new League Cycling Advocate (LCA) Workshop, a three-day course that certified nearly 50 LCAs in the basics of what it means to be a bicycle advocate. The workshop welcomed advocates of all backgrounds and levels of experience from all over the country. 

The workshop kicked off with an invigorating introduction, highlighting the history of bike advocacy and its transformative potential in fostering healthier, more livable communities. Through engaging presentations and interactive discussions, participants gained a deeper understanding of being advocates for better bicycling, from the basics of organizing and mobilizing, to communicating policy issues and building coalitions to essential elements of mobility justice.

A pivotal focus of the workshop was understanding that you can not do this work alone. We dissected how to get involved with local budgeting and ways to find like-minded groups, because these are strategies that will help you reach your local political leaders. One participant shared that they found a lot of value in “the combination of information, activities, and learning from other participants — especially around topics of effective political engagement and equity and mobility justice.“ Armed with this knowledge, participants were empowered to become catalysts for change within their communities. 

Another recurring theme throughout the workshop was effective communication. From mastering social media engagement to honing public speaking skills, participants learned to craft compelling narratives that resonated with diverse audiences. By sharing personal stories and advocating for tangible solutions, attendees discovered the power of their voices in driving meaningful change.

The workshop featured eight guest speakers who each brought interactive exercises and case studies for participants to learn from and apply to their own coalition-building and grassroots work. 

Attendees graduated from the workshop with innovative and also practical tools to utilize in their advocacy for safer bicycling infrastructure. They departed with a shared commitment to harnessing the transformative power of cycling advocacy. Armed with newfound knowledge, skills, and a network of like-minded allies, participants are now embarking on their respective journeys to create safer, more sustainable, and inclusive communities for cyclists everywhere. In essence, the Bicycle Advocacy Training Workshop was more than just an educational endeavor—it was a catalyst for grassroots activism and positive change.

If you’re getting a case of FOMO, we’ve got good news for folks across the country: more workshops are coming! We are thrilled to be able to announce that we will be holding our second League Cycling Advocate Workshop Training from July 24-26, 2024, in Philadelphia, PA. Spots are limited so register now and join your fellow bike advocates for this invigorating event. The link to register can be found here. 

Participant Testimonies

“Thank you, thank you! Deeply appreciate how financially accessible this workshop was – so thoughtfully crafted. Also appreciated the range of speakers and identities represented.”

“I learned a ton – my brain is full! Can’t wait to put in to use and do more follow-up.”

“All too often, we as advocates are winging it and don’t know if we are doing it right. This training helps us course correct with the League’s help if necessary. Thank you!”

As this initiative grows, we can’t wait to see how these LCA workshops will empower and strengthen grassroots leaders around the country — stay tuned and subscribe to our newsletter to find out what city will be next!