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LCI Spotlight: Ron Durgin

The League has been teaching and certifying League Cycling Instructors for decades. With more than 4,000 LCIs across the country, the League’s bike education curriculum is ubiquitous. We’re highlighting some of the great work our LCIs are doing in communities from coast to coast. 

Ron Durgin, a Beverly Hills, CA, resident, has been an LCI since October 2007. We asked him a few questions to learn more about his take on bicycle education and some of his favorite teaching moments.

What drew you to the Smart Cycling program and to become an LCI?

In November 2006 I was involved in a car-bike collision while riding from a bike lane through an intersection in Santa Monica, CA. I walked away from this incident wondering what I could have done to prevent the collision. My research led me to the League’s bike ed program. Unfortunately it took over six months to find a LCI who lived more than two hours away to teach the Road 1 course to me and one other student. This dismal reality compelled me to step up and do something to create a focal point on bicycle education in the Los Angeles area. I completed my LCI certification in October 2007 and taught my first class in April 2008 with my LCI Coach Chris Quint at my side. Chris was a great mentor, and if not for his guidance and encouragement, I may not have made the leap into teaching.  

What’s your bike story?

I’m not sure I have a story, my approach is one pedal stroke at a time.

What’s your favorite thing about being an LCI?

I love it when a student takes my advice and comes back with a positive experience. If I can give people confidence to choose a bicycle over another mode, I’ve done my job.

Do you have a favorite teaching story?

I can’t pinpoint a favorite story. In general I love teaching adults to learn how to ride and it is always a thrill when I see someone feel the balance point for the first time and move onto pedaling. This basic fundamental is priceless.

What’s the hardest part about being an LCI?

The hardest part about being a LCI is convincing people that what we have to offer is an invaluable life skill. 

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