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Getting You Home With One Click

In our Winter 2015 American Bicyclist magazine, we looked at the “Big Ideas” coming out of the bike movement. One such idea is RideScout, a new mobile application that is helping people get home quicker — without using their own car. 

Like any good startup, it all began on the back of a napkin.

RideScout, a mobile app founded in Washington, D.C., aggregates users’ transportation options in any given city and provides the quickest route from point A to B. The app pulls information on the number of available rides at the nearest bikeshare station, the length of time you’ll have to wait for the next bus, and an estimate on just how congested the car traffic is outside your office.

RideScout is one of a growing number of mobile applications that are changing the conversation on transportation, making it as easy as the click of a button to consider leaving the car in the garage. The company, now based in Austin, Texas, was co-founded by Joseph Kopser, a father and full-time employee, who wanted to create something that would help him find the best way home, based on the time of day, traffic conditions and more.

“People are flocking to cities and rejecting car ownership, but traffic and congestion is at all-time highs,” said Rachel Charlesworth, Vice President of Brand at RideScout. “The way we move around our cities affects us every single day. When the train is delayed, traffic has you stuck, or the closest bike share station is out of bikes, we help you find alternative options. We’re really looking to improve peoples’ quality of life and help alleviate those small daily annoyances.”

Kopser, and co-founder Craig Cummings, also have a personal stake in the project, beyond convenience. Both are Army veterans with a long-term mission of reducing the country’s dependence on foreign oil.

“By reducing the number of single occupancy vehicles on the road, we are actively working toward that goal,” Charlesworth said.

The next goal for the company, Charlesworth said, is added functionality so users can plan multi-modal trips.

“You’ll be able to see routes that take you from bus, to bike, to metro to get to your destination that’s a little bit further afield,” she said. “Many things are coming to help you link all elements of your daily transportation into RideScout. More on that soon!”

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