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Get in the saddle this Bike Month

May is National Bike Month, which means it’s time to share your love of biking! Did you know that just getting on your bike is one of the best ways to encourage other people to try biking? And it’s the easiest way to be an advocate for safer, better, more convenient biking. 

So, if you need the excuse to ride more, here it is in the form of Bike Month! (But we’d love to see you riding year round – trust us, it’s easier than you think!)  

Our Top Tips For Bike Month

Hop on the Saddle

The most obvious way to celebrate? Just ride your bike! It doesn’t matter if it’s a quick spin around the block, a leisurely cruise through the park, or a challenging mountain bike adventure. Every pedal stroke counts!

Bike Basics 

Share our Smart Cycling videos with your friends, family, and community members! Our videos cover the basics of biking, from checking your tire pressure to shifting gears to changing lanes. We even answer questions drivers may have like, “why is that bicyclist in the middle of the road?” 

Make Every Ride Count 

This month, help show decision-makers just how many people bike! Download the Love to Ride app and join the League and Love to Ride in our campaign to #MakeEveryRideCount! Record your rides (or let the app automatically do it for you) and then

Download the Love to Ride app from the App Store or Google Play Store.

Mark Your Calendars

National Bike Month offers several key dates to focus your riding adventures:

  • National Ride a Bike Day: This falls on the first Sunday of May, that’s May 5th in 2024. Plan a fun ride with friends and family, explore a new bike path, or simply enjoy a solo journey.
  • Bike to Work Week: This is the third week of May, May 13th-19th in 2024. Maybe you’re an everyday commuter or maybe you’re a weekend warrior wondering about ditching the car: this is your chance! Many workplaces offer incentives and support for bike commuters, so check with your employer (this is especially true if they are a Bicycle Friendly Business!) 
  • Bike to Work Day: This happens the Friday of Bike to Work Week, May 17th in 2024. It’s a national day of celebration where communities come together to promote cycling as a healthy and sustainable mode of transportation. Your region, city, or town might have a “pit stop” or event for you to ride to and pick up free gear – find your local bike advocacy group on our map to get started: 

Beyond the Basics

While simply riding is fantastic, there are more ways to celebrate your love of bicycling: 

  • Bike Clubs: You can find our League member bike clubs on our map. Clubs often host big yearly rides and weekly group rides, which can be a great way to get motivated to put in the miles or to meet fellow cyclists and explore new routes.
  • Bike Safety Events: League Cycling Instructors and local advocacy organizations often host classes to help you hone your cycling skills classes, whether that’s city riding tips or learning to ride. Find LCIs near you on our map!
  • Advocacy Organizations: While the League works at the national level to build a Bicycle Friendly America for everyone, local organizations are on the ground leading initiatives in your neighborhood. Connect with your state and local advocacy groups by checking out – you guessed it – our map

Spread the Bike Joy

National Bike Month isn’t just about transportation and exercise. It’s about celebrating the joy of cycling. Post your rides on social media, share your favorite routes, lead a party pace ride – the ideas are endless. 

National Bike Month is a chance to experience the freedom, fitness, and fun that cycling offers.  So, get out there, explore your world on two wheels, and join the celebration!