Drive Less, Bike More

Did you know, in the United States, half of ALL trips taken by car are less than 3 miles long? That's just a 20-minute bike ride!

Bikes can be used for any transportation - from commuting to work or school, running errands around town, and even getting groceries. That's why the League of American Bicyclists is challenging Americans to begin taking more transportation trips by bike rather than hopping in a car for its “Drive Less, Bike More” campaign. Tens of thousands have logged their miles through the Love to Ride app and proved just how possible it is to go places by bike.

Short Trips Make A Big Change

In 2021, its first year, the "Drive Less, Bike More" campaign far exceeded its goal of turning 1 million miles of would-be car trips into 1 million miles of bike trips, resulting in a grand total of 1,500,000 miles ridden by bike and over 167,337 lbs of CO2 spared for the planet.

In 2022, we took it one step greener, riding over 1.6 million miles and preventing nearly 250,000 lbs of CO2 emissions. Besides doing plenty of good for the planet, there are lots more reasons to swap your car keys for your bike handlebars. Just converting one or two short car trips per week to bike trips is good for your health, your family’s health, the environment, and even putting cash usually spent on gas money back into your pocket.

Reasons To "Drive Less, Bike More"

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