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Choosing a magazine for your member benefit

A few months ago, the League added a choice of magazines that members can choose from when they join or renew. Members at the individual and family level can choose one of these magazines, while advocate and higher level members can choose all three.

Bicycling cover image

Bicycle Times coverMomentum cover



Most members are already familiar with Bicycling, which has been available as a member benefit for years. Bicycling got its start in the 1960s, and is the world’s largest cycling magazine. Bicycling has the greatest athletic focus, publishing regular fitness and training articles, along with reviews of the latest and greatest road bikes, and other gear. Bicycling offers increasing coverage of advocacy, as well as articles on touring, pro racing, and other cycling topics. According to David Howard, executive editor, Bicycling‘s “most important mission is to entice people to fall more deeply in love with cycling.” Bicycling publishes 11 issues a year, and is available to League members in print only. You might like Bicycling if: you’re planning your pre- and post- century meals while swapping out a lighter cassette. Website –  Facebook – Twitter

Bicycle Times is more focused on everyday and urban cycling, offering regular reviews of commuter bikes and gear. They also regularly cover bike touring, with personal narratives and gear reviews. League communications director Carolyn Szczepanski writes a regular column on riding in traffic, called Between the Lines, and there is a regular column on bike advocacy. Editor Karen Brooks says that Bicycle Times “strives to capture a spirit of adventure in rides short or long.”  Bicycle Times publishes 6 issues a year, and is available in print or digital format. You might like Bicycle Times if: you’ve got a bike-gear-greasemark tattoo. WebsiteFacebookTwitterInstagram

Momentum “promotes, encourages and inspires smart living by bike.” Woman-owned and operated, Momentum offers inspiration and solutions for everyday cycling and has the most coverage of family cycling, with reviews of gear and apparel for women and men. Momentum showcases cycling as part of a sustainable, chic, modern lifestyle. League board member Tania Lo is the co-owner, COO and CFO of Momentum. Momentum is available to League members only in digital format. You might like Momentum if: you have a flask of latte in your water bottle cage, and groceries in your pannier. WebsiteFacebookFlickrTwitterPinterest.

All League members continue to receive our own magazine, American BicyclistAmerican Bicyclist focuses on important issues in bicycle advocacy and education, promoting cycling, bike clubs, and enjoying the benefits of the cycling lifestyle. You might like American Bicyclist if: your passion and commitment to cycling is represented by a membership in the League.

Answers to other frequently asked questions about the magazines:

  • The League does not pay for the magazine subscription benefits; the magazines value having our members on their subscriber lists, and so offer the subscriptions at no cost. Choosing magazines as a member benefit does not lessen the amount of your membership payment that supports the League’s programs. However, the value of the magazines does affect the amount of your dues payment that is tax-deductible. The tax-deductible amount of your membership payment is provided on a statement that comes with your membership card. The value of each magazine that is non-deductible is: $10 per year for American Bicyclist and Bicycle Times Print, $7 per year for Bicycling, and $5 per year for the digital editions of Bicycle Times and Momentum.
  • Information about connecting to your digital subscriptions will be emailed to you within about 2 weeks of joining or renewing; print magazines start roughly 2 months after joining or renewing, though this is dependent on the publication schedules of the magazines.
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