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Challenge Profile: Carl Morrison

Carl Morrison is a pro at accomplishing his goals. 

The 55-year-old set a high bar this summer, promising himself he’d ride 5,000 miles on his bike. To date, he’s already gone more than 10,000!

An avid runner, Morrison turned to bicycling after advice from his doctor’s about the wear and tear to his knees. The Surgeon Bay, WI-resident is putting up high numbers for the National Bike Challenge.  We caught up with him to talk about blowing past his big goals.

How did you get involved in the Challenge?  What inspired you to join?

I am member of a local group called the DCSSA (Door County Silent Sport Alliance), which has a strong group of avid cyclists that come together several times a week to participate in group rides.  We also participate as a group in many events in and around the county.  We are just a bunch of people who love to ride, push ourselves, support one another and have a good time enjoying each others company while putting on some miles.  When another member of the DCSSA, Chesla Anschutz, found out I was setting a personal goal to ride 5,000 miles over the summer, she asked if I wanted to join the group team in the Challenge.  I enjoy a good challenge and wanted to see what I could do, so of course I was in!

What’s your goal for the totality of the Challenge?

Originally, my goal for the totality of the Challenge was 5,000 miles.  As of Sept. 13, 2013, I hit mile 10,000.

You recently went on a 225 mile ride — tell us more about that!

I like to set personal goals for myself to continue challenging myself.  After I hit my goal of 5,000 miles, I really didn’t know how many more miles I would end up with by the end of the summer, or year for that matter.  My plan was to just keep riding and enjoy myself.  One week, I decided to see if I could ride 100 miles for 7 days in a row (keeping in mind that I work a full-time job).  I ended up riding 12 days in a row (100 miles each day).  Then I started to wonder just how far I could ride in one day (sun up to sun down) at 55 years old.  That is where my 225 mile ride came from.  I started riding at 3:45am and when I arrived back home at 9:15pm, I had clocked 225 miles.

What kind of bike do you ride?

I have two bikes that I ride.  My commuting bike is a TREK 1000 and my “good” bike is a GIANT.

What do you love most about bicycling?

There are many things I love about bicycling including; the early morning rides, keeping myself fit, riding with some great people who share the same passion and the sense of accomplishment.  I especially enjoy taking my three granddaughters who are 5, 7 & 9 years old on bike rides with their longest ride this summer being 24 miles! 

The Challenge is coming to a close — make sure you log all those last minute miles this weekend!

(Photo courtesy of Jessa Lemke)

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