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Challenge Blog: Why We Do It

For the past few weeks, we’ve been highlighting one National Bike Challenge participant each week as part of our Challenge Blog Fridays. We absolutely love hearing the unique stories of each Challenger — what got them started, what keeps them motivated, what type of bike they ride. Each one of us has a story of how and why we ride. That’s why the National Bike Challenge is so special.

We all ride for different reasons -– for weight loss, overall health, commuting, recreation, or all (or none) of the above –- but above all of our individual stories and reasons for riding, we are a community. The Challenge message board is a prime example of the community we’ve created; riders share safety tips, suggestions for the best bicycling gear, and support each other through injuries and setbacks. Each weekend, hundreds of bicycling clubs around the country meet up and share the joy of bicycling together.

Every single day, bicyclists pass other bicyclists and share a smile, a nod or a small wave –- you know, that two-wheeled camaraderie we all feel when we see a fellow bicyclist out there with us. Our 33,489 Challengers always answer the call. When we remind you to log your miles, or ask you to pedal a few extra miles to help us reach our 20 million mile Challenge goal, we see a marked jump in participation.

This Challenge is about much more than reaching the 20 million mile mark… but that milestone is a tremendous representation of our community, our commitment to bicycling, and our commitment to ourselves. We are currently projected to finish the Challenge period on September 30 with 19.7 million miles – so close to our goal of 20 million miles. We need your help to surpass that milestone.

So when you get on your bike this afternoon, or this weekend, or next week, remember that you’re part of an awesome community of bicyclists. You’re a Challenger, and you have your own story. And we’d love for you to pedal a few extra miles –- for yourself, and for your community.

And finally, remember this: “Teamwork divides the task and multiplies the success.” – Author unknown

Ride On.

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