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Challenge: 1/3 Now Riding Twice As Often

The National Bike Challenge is a community-based event focused on people

There are dozens of different reasons to get on your bike and participate. From viewing personal achievements, motivating friends to ride, having fun in the workplace, spending family time, and more, we know the Challenge means something different to all 44,000+ riders. At the League, what’s so central to us is that the Challenge is accessible to everyone, fun for all, and shared across the country.  

Earlier this month we distributed a survey to see what you thought about the Challenge so far. If you haven’t given us your thoughts, please do so here — the survey will remain open until August 15.

The results we received were inspiring and helpful. As we begin to look at how to improve the program and get even more people on bikes next year, we will draw on the thousands of comments, suggestions and real-life stories you offered. Thank you for your participation and sharing part of your lives with us. Here are just a few snippets of what you told us through the survey:

  • 63% have invited a friend to participate in the Challenge 
  • 31% have experienced weight loss 
  • 51% have improved well-being 
  • 35% report riding twice as often or more than they did prior to the Challenge  

We also heard a number of inspiring stories.

How is the Challenge affecting you or someone you know?

  • “Seeing all the other people out there riding and keeping in shape inspires me to keep doing the same.”
  • “My husband has gone from pretty much 0 exercise in the summer to riding 6-15 miles daily for work. He is fitter, has more energy, and seems happier.”
  • “I am not really a competitive person but I am really enjoying the National Bike Challenge because it feels like all the participants are winning!…I feel ten again even though I am in my fifties in real life!!! THANKS!  The Challenge has also made me feel really proud of my community and inspired me to learn more about bike trails throughout the United States.”
  • “Lost 10 pounds so far, feeling a lot better overall and want to keep biking. I’m also now commuting 10 mile routes when I never thought I would.”
  • “The Challenge has helped solidify my feelings towards the importance of cycling as a lifestyle choice and has raised awareness, through local and national organization efforts, of bike access issues.”
  • “It has gotten me to ride more often on days when I might have come up with an excuse not to ride…”
  • “My dad and I are biking to work together. It’s a nice bonding time because for 9 months of the year I am away at college.”
  • “I was quite sedentary before the Challenge, and that, if continued eventually will create health problems. It was excellent motivation to get off the couch and get moving again.”
  • “This is my second year participating. I NEVER commuted by bike. Now I don’t think twice about it. Even in inclement weather, I will still bike. It sure beats sitting in traffic and I always arrive home energized.”  

The many stories of how the National Bike Challenge is changing lives and bringing people together are truly inspirational.  Click here to access the survey and tell us your story. 

(Photo by Pamela Palma Photography)

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