Help Us Educate Drivers About Blind Zones

By bikeleague | January 30, 2023

Did you know there is now a tool that enables people to submit data identifying and measuring a vehicle’s blind spots?

New League Staff: Connor Herbert

By Raven Wells | January 25, 2023

Meet our new federal policy fellow Connor Herbert! Connor serves on Lincoln’s Pedestrian Bicycle Advisory Committee. We’re excited to see him tackle building better active mobility at the local and national levels!

New League Staff: Patricia Donnelly

By Raven Wells | January 23, 2023

Meet our new federal policy fellow and a new member of the League team: Patricia Donnelly!

Did Your State Get An Earmark For Better Bicycling Infrastructure?

By Caron Whitaker | January 13, 2023

See which Community Designated Projects are in your state and if your member of Congress supported them.

Why can’t my street’s speed limit be changed?

By Raven Wells | January 13, 2023

How does one slow down roads? In most cases, that’s up to the states. Learn the two biggest barriers to local governments setting safer speed limits.

Congress Releases A Budget Including 2022 Summit Ask For ATIIP Funding

By Caron Whitaker | December 20, 2022

Congress unveiled a budget — and it includes $45 million for the Active Transportation Infrastructure Investment Program!

New League Staff: Jamil Modaffari

By Raven Wells | December 8, 2022

Meet Jamil Modaffari: the League’s new policy specialist and learn more about his journey from education policy to policy for safer bicycling!

An Interview With Caron Whitaker: 10 Years Working At The League

By Raven Wells | December 1, 2022

This month, deputy executive director Caron Whitaker celebrates 10 years of working at the League!

AVs, Intersections and Acting for Safety

By Ken McLeod | November 10, 2022

The League believes the priority for improving safety at intersections should start with improving roadway design at dangerous intersections.

Six State DOTs Sign the Equity In Infrastructure Pledge

By Caron Whitaker | November 1, 2022

The Equity in Infrastructure Project (EIP) and its pledge promise to remove barriers to building infrastructure for small and disadvantaged businesses.