Member Profile: Jennifer Laurita

By bikeleague | July 22, 2014

Joining the League is a way to share the love of bicycling. As a longtime member, League Cycling Instructor and an LCI coach, Laurita exemplifies that desire to share the joy and freedom of bicycling, traveling all over the country to teach bike education. Hamzat Sani, a former League staff member, interviewed Laurita about her passion for bicycling in 2013.

Member Profile: Neil Walker

By Scott | July 9, 2014

Joining the League is a way of giving back to cycling, to help others experience the joy and freedom that cycling brings. Neil Walker exemplifies that spirit of giving back. League Member Neil Walker first discovered cycling after a series of knee injuries ended his college basketball career. A specialist recommended cycling as an alternative to surgery. He got on a bike, strengthened his knee, and in the process found a new direction in life. “It has been a blessing to have cycling in my life,” Neil says. “It gave me life, invigorated me.”

Giving Tuesday: Match Me, Gail!

By bikeleague | December 3, 2013

On a beautiful fall day in 1997, my life was changed. I was competing in a mountain bike race when one of my pedals hit a log and I was thrown violently from my bike.I had broken my pelvis in three places. The physical pain was almost unbearable – but the emotional pain of the injuries was much worse. I was a single mother of two young girls, lying helpless in hospital bed with no health insurance.

Cast Your Vote: Board Elections

By bikeleague | November 5, 2013

The League’s Board of Directors serves a critical role in guiding the organization to a sustainable and vibrant future. The Board is made up of both board-appointed and member-elected seats — and currently, there are five open seats and nine candidates for those member-elected spots. We need YOUR votes to determine who will join the board for the next three years.

Connecting with your Community

By Scott | October 17, 2013

There are important reasons for cycling groups to establish strong connections with their communities, no matter what their goal. Whether you’re aiming for a Bicycle Friendly Community award, access to public roads for your century ride, better understanding of cyclists needs and behaviors, or more members, a community relations plan is key.

Choosing a magazine for your member benefit

By Scott | October 11, 2013

A few months ago, the League added a choice of magazines that members can choose from when they join or renew. Members at the individual and family level can choose one of these magazines, while advocate and higher level members can choose all three.