Federal Advocacy

Show support for tax credits for e-bikes

By Ken McLeod | March 23, 2023

Let’s get more people on bicycles by making it easier for more people to choose to bike. Making it more financially accessible for people to purchase an e-bike would do…

The president’s 2024 budget: big money for big problems

By Ken McLeod | March 13, 2023

The League has been a longtime advocate for increasing federal resources to improve safety and access for people biking and walking.

What Is The National Blueprint for Transportation Decarbonization About?

By Raven Wells | January 18, 2023

Four federal agencies established a plan to decarbonize the transportation system that employs an approach of building communities for convenient active mobility.

Did Your State Get An Earmark For Better Bicycling Infrastructure?

By Caron Whitaker | January 13, 2023

See which Community Designated Projects are in your state and if your member of Congress supported them.

Congress Releases A Budget Including 2022 Summit Ask For ATIIP Funding

By Caron Whitaker | December 20, 2022

Congress unveiled a budget — and it includes $45 million for the Active Transportation Infrastructure Investment Program!

US DOT Accepting Applications For Thriving Communities Program

By Caron Whitaker | October 31, 2022

US DOT is now accepting applications for its Thriving Communities Program (TCP) through December 6, 2022.

I Bike, I Vote 2022

By Raven Wells | October 26, 2022

Election Day is Tuesday, November 8th, 2022. It’s time to tell elected officials: “I bike, I vote!”

Federal Funds For Bicycling And Walking Infrastructure

By Caron Whitaker | September 29, 2022

Use FHWA’s updated Pedestrian and Bicycle Funding Opportunities chart to find out “can my city get federal support for that project?”

The E-Bike Rebate: What’s Next

By Caron Whitaker | July 28, 2022

We didn’t get an e-bike rebate in the climate, health care and deficit reduction bill, but here are the lessons we have learned and what we’ll be doing to see it in future legislation.

Manchin-Schumer Deal: What Is In It

By Caron Whitaker | July 28, 2022

We have a deal on a climate, health care and deficit reduction bill, which could pass as part of a reconciliation bill. Here’s what’s in it!