Future Bike: James Rojas, Equity and Design

By bikeleague | August 21, 2014

Usually when you start a conference call, the participants chit chat for a few minutes as you wait for everyone’s voice to chime in. When we did our first planning call with James Rojas, the keynote speaker for Future Bike, things were a little different.

Future Bike: Sam Ollinger

By bikeleague | August 20, 2014

The first time I met Sam Ollinger, she was commanding the room with insightful thoughts on the importance of political engagement during a Q&A portion of the National Women’s Bicycling Summit. She certainly knew what she was talking about — and we’re excited to have her insight on cultivating diverse leadership at Future Bike next month.

Future Bike: Ed Ewing

By bikeleague | August 19, 2014

After starting a model Major Taylor Project that works with youth in underserved communities in Seattle, Ed Ewing is now the Director of Diversity and Inclusion for the Cascade Bicycle Club, one of the largest bicycle organizations in the country. Hear his thoughts on cultivating diverse leadership at Future Bike on September 11.

Speakers Announced for Future Bike!

By bikeleague | August 18, 2014

Two years after the first National Women’s Bicycling Summit, we’re breaking new ground again at the Pro Walk Pro Bike Pro Place conference with our “Future Bike” event on September 11. With the help of these speakers, we’ll delve into important conversations that are absolutely critical to the future success of the bike movement.

Future Bike: Zakcq Lockrem

By bikeleague | August 15, 2014

Zakcq Lockrem works at the intersection of creativity and inclusion. As an urban planner, his philosophy doesn’t just include sustainability and active transportation, but designing for “a multiplicity of identities, histories, and experiences.” At Future Bike, Lockrem will share his thoughts on a high-profile but complex question: How do we incorporate equity into bike planning?

Future Bike: Joanna Bernstein

By bikeleague | August 14, 2014

Our Future Bike forum this September integrates the efforts of our Women Bike and Equity initiatives, meeting at the intersection of mobility and identity. For speaker Joanna Bernstein, it’s also a confluence of her professional work with local immigrants and her personal passion for bicycling. Read more and register for Future Bike today!

Future Bike: Naomi Doerner

By bikeleague | August 13, 2014

Naomi Doerner is at the helm of change. She began her new job as the Executive Director of Bike Easy in April, and it’s her job to help guide the New Orleans advocacy organization as it asks itself, “What does bike equity mean in our work?” Doerner will bring her expertise and lessons learned to our Future Bike event on Sept 11. Read more about her work and sign up for Future Bike today!

Future Bike: Echo Rivera

By bikeleague | August 12, 2014

Echo Rivera knows how to go viral. In fact, she created one of the most-Tweeted images from the 2014 National Women’s Bicycling Forum. So we couldn’t be more delighted to host the visual artist at our Future Bike forum on September 11 in Pittsburgh, Pa. Read more about Rivera and sign up today!

How Ciclovias Can Unfreeze Streets

By bikeleague | July 18, 2014

Can a temporary street closure have lasting effects on everyday transportation habits? The social psychology concept of “unfreezing” habit suggests that it can, as detailed in a new report on “How Ciclovías Can Unfreeze Streets.” This report is based on fieldwork I undertook as an anthropologist studying bicycle advocacy and street culture in Los Angeles from 2008 to 2011. My central project was helping to organize the open street event CicLAvia. I found the ciclovía to be useful for identifying the “human infrastructure” that helps or hinders our work as active transportation change agents.

Future Bike Keynote Announced!

By bikeleague | July 17, 2014

A single session at the 2013 California By Bike Summit radically reframed my perception of urban planning. In the final round of workshops I was drawn to an intriguing title: “Creating your own Biketopia: Community engagement workshop through play.” Presenter James Rojas didn’t disappoint. Put simply, the urban planner, artist and founder of the Latino Urban Forum has found a way to bring planning to the people. And we couldn’t be more excited to have him present and facilitate at Future Bike on September 11.