Cycling Education

LCI Spotlight: Caryn Davis

By Raven Wells | March 13, 2023

Meet Caryn Davis, our latest League Cycling Instructor in the spotlight. Caryn has made it her mission to inspire bike joy in women riders for over a decade.

Meet Letamarie Highsmith: Our Newest League Cycling Coach

By Raven Wells | February 2, 2023

Our network of League Cycling Coaches — the talented people who train our LCIs — is now up to 20!

LCI Spotlight: Kat Volzer

By Raven Wells | January 31, 2023

Meet our latest League Cycling Instructor in the spotlight: Kat Volzer, director of programming for White Oak Bicycle Coop (WOBC).

LCI Spotlight: Ralph Mugot

By Raven Wells | January 9, 2023

Meet Ralph Mugot: shop director at Boise Bicycle Project and the 7,000th person to be certified as a League Cycling Instructor!

LCI Spotlight: Laura Davidson Brienza

By Raven Wells | December 12, 2022

LCI Laura Davidson Brienza loves bike education because it’s a chance to pass along the freedom, joy, and wellness she feels while biking.

Three Tools For Grandparents Teaching Their Grandchildren How To Ride A Bike

By Raven Wells | December 7, 2022

Longtime League Cycling Instructor Rick Holt shares the benefits of playing an active role in his grandchildren’s journey to biking and the three tools that helped them along the way.

Bicycle Friendly Driver Training Is Now Online

By Raven Wells | November 14, 2022

Bicycle Friendly Driver training is now available online and for free through the League of American Bicyclists’ learning center.

LCI Spotlight: Jianhan Wang

By Raven Wells | November 7, 2022

We love to learn about those encouraging people of all ages to join the bicycle movement! Meet Jianhan Wang, our LCI in the spotlight this month.

Meet Minnesota’s Newest League Cycling Instructors

By Raven Wells | November 3, 2022

Meet some of our newest League-certified ambassadors for better biking!

Making Riding One of the Basic Pillars of Education

By Raven Wells | October 12, 2022

What’s it going to take to get more children and youth on bikes? Here are just five ideas for communities and schools to broaden youth bike education.