Bicycle Friendly Business

The Story Behind A BFA: North Natomas Jibe. Walk. Bike. Bus.

By Raven Wells | June 21, 2022

North Natomas Jibe is a local bike advocacy organization and new Bicycle Friendly Business that is doing some big work in getting people of all ages on bikes in Sacramento.

Ride Along BFA Director Amelia Neptune’s Visit To Champa Bay

By Amelia Neptune | June 2, 2022

During Bike to Work Week, Bicycle Friendly America director Amelia Neptune visited the Bicycle Friendly Business champions of Tampa, Florida. Here’s how it went.

How Businesses Can Eliminate Barriers to Bike Commuting

By Raven Wells | May 18, 2022

Here’s what businesses can do to make commutes more #bikepossible for employees.

The League Celebrates Latest Bicycle Friendly Business Awards During Bike to Work Week

By Raven Wells | May 16, 2022

To mark the beginning of National Bike to Work Week, the League of American Bicyclists is pleased to honor 45 new and renewing Bicycle Friendly Businesses for their year-round efforts…

It Is Easier Than You Think to Apply for Bicycle Friendly Business Status. Really!

By Raven Wells | May 13, 2022

The Bicycle Friendly Business program is the perfect tool to help your business become even more welcoming to bicyclists and applying is easier than you think!

Businesses Friendly To The Environment And Bikes

By Raven Wells | April 22, 2022

Happy Earth Day! Read examples of Bicycle Friendly Businesses focusing on their environmental impact.

Women-Owned Bicycle Friendly Businesses

By Raven Wells | March 17, 2022

In honor of #WomensHistoryMonth, we’re sharing 10 examples of women-owned businesses that also hold a Bicycle Friendly Business (BFB) title.

Centering FTW Riders In Bike Education

By Raven Wells | March 14, 2022

Through Bike Fun, League Cycling Instructor KJ Garner is using her commitment to bike education to break the bias of cycling by centering beginning and returning FTW (femme, trans, and women) riders.

Webinar Recap: Running A Better Bike Month

By Raven Wells | March 2, 2022

The League and our friends at Love to Ride hosted a webinar sharing quick tips for how any business can hit the mark on an engaging and impactful Bike Month.

The Story Behind A BFA: Arvada Gardeners

By Raven Wells | March 1, 2022

Meet the Bicycle Friendly Business (BFB) of Arvada Gardeners in Arvada, Colorado. The all-volunteer-run community garden connects its love for nature to the people who bike, walk and roll in their community.