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Cash for Two-Wheel Clunkers

A program in recently awarded Bronze Level Bicycle Friendly Community Sioux Falls, SD recently made NBC Nightly News. The story, dubbed “Cash for Two-wheel Clunkers”, highlights a Bike-to-Work program that provides affordable bikes for adults needing transportation. This program was one of the highlights of the Sioux Falls application for designation, and we’re happy to seeing it get the attention it deserves!

We’ve seen other programs like this be successful across the country. For example, in Platinum Portland, Ore. the Community Cycling Center (CCC) offers their Create a Commuter program, partnering with job placement programs in helping the unemployed get back on their feet and access to jobs without the expensive of a car. Local shop Joe Bike has lent a hand to the CCC and set-up their own Cash for Clunkers program.

We know that 1/3 of the population are either too old or too young to drive, and an article in last week’s New York Times even highlights the fact that when given enough choices, people may even choose to give up their cars. However, programs like Bikes for Work and Create a Commuter are reaching those who are looking for a new transportation option, not out of choice to be personally more sustainable, but out of economic necessity. We’ve shown there are economic benefits to creating the infrastructure needed to support cycling, but how is your community serving those with the greatest need for affordable transportation options? Email the League, and let us know!

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