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Call for League Board applications

Karen Jenkins

League Board President Karen Jenkins asks you to consider running for a leadership position


Are you ready to serve on the Board of Directors of the League of American Bicyclists? Then consider running to be elected by the membership. Service on the Board of the League is an excellent way to have a long-term impact on the organization and the active transportation movement at the national level. If elected, you would become a member of a dedicated team of concerned and engaged colleagues who work with Bill Nesper, Interim Executive Director, to identify long-term goals, support the implementation of innovative strategies for lasting change, seek to diversify the membership and work to encourage communities, businesses and universities to make a Bicycle Friendly America a reality.

For information about the qualifications and the election procedure go to All interested candidates should submit their materials by July 31 for the election, which will be held in late November 2017. New Board members will begin their three-year term in March 2018 at the National Bike Summit.

Like all non-profit boards, service on the League Board of Directors is voluntary. The League Board has set high standards for itself and expects all members to serve the best interest of the League and not their personal or partisan interests. All members are expected to understand and take seriously the fiduciary responsibilities of board service, unselfishly devote the necessary time, bring needed skills and experience, and provide financial support.  Just as importantly, members are expected to work collegially collaboratively with each other and the executive director.

As you read the qualifications at, I encourage you to consider the following questions.

Do you believe in the mission? The mission of the League is “to lead the movement to create a Bicycle Friendly America for everyone.” All Board members should embrace the mission and believe it makes a difference.

Do you have a solid grasp of the time required to be a member of the League Board? The League Board meets in person two times a year — in March at the National Bike Summit and in October of the same year. Throughout the year there are regular conference calls of the full Board. Other committees meet as required, especially the Finance Committee, which meets once a month by conference call. However, unexpected events happen which will require more time than you might have anticipated.

Are you prepared to make a financial commitment to the League? Currently, Board members are required to pay their registration fee for the National Bike Summit and all expenses related to attending the two in-person Board meetings. In addition, all members are expected to give financial donations according to their ability. Members should be prepared to assist with fundraising in many ways such as by making contacts, soliciting their companies to make contributions, and helping with assigned tasks such as writing letters and making calls to donors and sponsors.

Are you willing to assume a leadership role? All members of the League Board should be leaders in their communities and/or places of work. Membership in local or state-wide boards of all types, (not solely bicycle related), is evidence you appreciate the role of non-profit organizations and how people can be affected by the programs and services delivered.  And, you will understand the time required of voluntary board service and willing to make the commitment. League Board members are also expected to serve as leaders on the Board when officer and committee chair positions are available.

If you have skills and experience needed by the League Board, are willing to exceed the minimum financial contribution and commit the time to serve as a volunteer, then I encourage you to apply to run in the upcoming election for a seat and working to create a Bicycle Friendly America for everyone.

If you believe you have the qualifications and want to serve, please submit your application for the election in November. Send your application to me by July 31 at: [email protected]. You are welcome to ask questions which I and Gail Copus Spann, Vice Chair, will be pleased to answer. ([email protected]).