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Big Idea: Start Local Then Leverage Up

The plan is simple: Local, local, local.

With a hostile state legislature, governor and Congress, the Wisconsin Bike Fed’s Big Idea is to work intensely at the local level, build relationships and momentum and then get local actors to pressure their representatives to do more at higher levels.

The comprehensive local effort is two-pronged. First, assemble a network of Bicycle Friendly Communities throughout the state. The Bike Fed will help communities with bike plans, intervene in local controversies, offer advice on how to engage mayors, business leaders and other local influentials, and share information and best practices among communities. Second, boost membership to 10,000, thereby activating engaged advocates throughout the state.

Wisconsin Bicycle Friendly Community Timeline Target

By tapping into the network of people engaged in buliding a more bikeable Wisconsin, and helping create places for them to ride — and encourage others to ride in — the Bike Fed is creating a recipe for advocacy success.

We’re so excited to hear more about this innovative and targeted initiative from Dave Cieslewicz, the Bike Fed’s Executive Director, at the 2015 National Bike Summit! Learn more and register today!