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Bicycling in New York City

The New York Times reported today on new cycling counts in New York City that estimate the number of daily New York City cyclists at 236,000. As it happens, this comes the same day an advance copy of a new case study on bicycling in New York City landed in my inbox. Cycling in New York (PDF), by bicycling researchers  John Pucher, Lewis Thorwaldson, Ralph Buehler, and Nicholas Klein, will be published in World Transport Policy and Practice this summer.

The report tracks trends in demographics (age and gender), safety, the bicycle facility network (including the new cycle tracks and green lanes), bike parking, bikes on transit and the city’s education and promotion efforts.

The report supports the growth reported by today’s Times article:

“Both the US Census data and NYC DOT indicator show a gradual increase in cycling levels from 1990 to 2000 but show accelerated growth after 2000, especially after 2005. As noted later, that spur in cycling was encouraged by a massive expansion in cycling infrastructure throughout the city, but especially in the core areas with the highest cycling levels.”

There are a number of good visuals to check out. Here’s a sample. The first shows the neighborhoods with the highest share of bike commuting residents.

NYC neighborhoods - high res

The second shows that in all boroughs, women more often ride on multi-use paths over on-street facilities.

Female Cyclists NYC

UPDATE: Added some additional images. The first below describes the growth in bicycle facilities in New York City by type. Order from top: route (green) , on-street (red) , path (blue).

NYC biking facilities

This next graph shows bike commuter levels by borough (order from the top: Staten Island, Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan).

NYC commuters by borough

Grand Central Terminal

New York's Grand Central Terminal (Photo: John Pucher)

All images from Cycling in New York, Pucher, Thorwaldson, Buehler, & Klein.

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