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Bicycling for all trips hits 1 percent

Blogging live from the Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting, one of the biggest events of the year for transportation nerds…er, professionals. I got an early look at the 2009 data from the National Household Transportation Survey. The NHTS is in some ways better than the American Community Survey because it asks respondents about all trips, so we can see bicycling’s share of all trips in the US.

Bicycling’s share of all trips in the US hit an even 1 percent in 2009. That’s up 25 percent since 2001. Bicycling’s journey to work and school numbers both top out at 0.7 percent.

More NHTS Numbers (change from 2001 to 2009)

* Bicycling and walking are up to 12 percent of all trips- an increase of 25 percent.

* Bicycling is an even 1.0 percent of all trips, up from 0.8 – a 25 percent increase.

* Walking is up to 10.9 percent of all trips from 9.6 – also a 25 percent increase.

* Transit + bike/walk is at 16 percent.

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