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Bicycle Friendly Business shows that it pays to encourage bicycling in the workplace

According to a new survey and report, platinum-level Bicycle Friendly Business (BFB) Quality Bicycle Products (QBP) in Bloomington, Minn, has improved employee health and has helped the company save an estimated $170,000 in three years through its “Health Reward” program. The program credits employees $110 towards QBP products in addition to their generous commuter reward program, which pays out $45,000 annually. Both programs are keeping QBP employees healthy, happy and productive.  According to Jason Gaikowski, QBP Marketing Director, their new report “definitely shows that QBP is healthier – and as a result more productive – than the general population. It also clearly indicates that the commuter population health care claims costs are massively lower than claim costs compared to QBP non-commuters.”  If you need prove that it pays to encourage bicycling in the workplace, look no further.

By encouraging QBP employees to commute by bike through 2007-2011, the company found the following:

  • The company experienced a 4.4% reduction in per member per month health care costs associated with an estimated 3-year savings of $170,000
  • Approximately 100 commuters incurred an estimated 3-year savings of $600,000
  • The business benefitted with an annual savings of $301,136 in employee productivity.

Click here to see the full report.

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