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Bicycle Friendly America: 2013 Guide

Year in and year out, it’s consistently the most popular and most requested issues of American Bicyclist: our annual spotlight on the Bicycle Friendly America program. The 2013 edition is now online and hitting the mailboxes of League members, once again showcasing the hundreds of communities, businesses and universities that are using the League’s blueprint to make biking better nationwide.

As League President Andy Clarke shares in his letter, our signature program continues to grow in size, scope and impact.

“I couldn’t be more proud of the talented staff we’ve assembled at the League,” he writes. “Everyone is passionate about bicycling and the League itself and nowhere is that more evident than the Bicycle Friendly America (BFA) team. The recent addition of Amelia Neptune and Steve Clark gives us real-world experience from folks who have directly implemented at the local level the programs they’re now running at a national scale.”

“In this issue, we asked a diverse array of BFA participants — from Microsoft to Bowdoin College to Bike Walk Mississippi — to share how they’ve used the programs to make their communities, businesses and universities better places to live, work and learn,” he continues. “And reading their stories I have to say again: I couldn’t be more proud.”

Get actionable tips from the “How We Did It” feature, see how your city or state stacks up in the annual list of designations, and learn how the BFA program is informing — and being informed by — our Equity Initiative.

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