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Bicycle Account Guideline Provides Tools to Monitor Biking in Your Community

We created the Diamond Bicycle Friendly Community challenge to keep setting a high bar for the leading BFCs, one that takes into account safety and levels of ridership.

In doing so, we looked to our friends in the city of Copenhagen for examples. No, we’re not expecting every city and town in America to adopt the Copenhagen model, but these communities at the top are doing really well and we need to give them options.

Since the mid-1990s, Copenhagen has been using the Bicycle Account to reach a higher standard and hold themselves publicly accountable for the comfort and quality of their bike program. The account tracks the key metrics for success like rider comfort, safety, quality and comprehensiveness or the bike network and ease of connecting bike and public transportation. What makes the Bicycle Account so special is the public survey component.

This is what world-class biking cities do.

We think your community can get we a lot if value from doing a Bicycle Account as well, so with the help from our friends in Copenhagen and at Urban Systems we have created this how-to, “The Bicycle Account Guidelines: Measuring, tracking and reporting progress to inspire better biking in your community.

Download it here.