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Becoming Bike-Friendly: The Best Way to “Be Hip Without Trying”

We love to hear how our Bicycle Friendly America program is transforming the country one community, business, and university at time. While we often hear these comments during phone conversations or in person, we thought it was about time to get some of them in writing — and share them with you!

We recently polled all BFA partners on what they truly thought of our programs, how the programs have helped them become more bike-friendly, and what we could do to make them stronger.  Here is a sample of what we received…

At the USDA, becoming bike-friendly is a way to “be hip without trying!”

Bicycle Friendly Communities

[The BFC program] built recognition of what we have done, which helps get funding for the very long list of what we still have to do. Having the honor actually made it easier for us to give a frank assessment of where we lag and help build political support for future phases. – Wayne Feiden, Director of Planning and Development, Northampton, MA

It has awakened our city council and other city agencies to support cycling and make appropriate improvements and provide elements that focus on cycling and safety. – Michael Tyler, Chairman, Lewes Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee, Lewes, DE

Participation in the BFC program has inspired our city leaders to improve conditions for cyclists and ultimately reach our goal of making it to the Platinum level. The community has seen the benefits through the many improvements made throughout the city. – Jim Konopka, Senior Park Planner, Folsom, CA

Bicycle Friendly Businesses

The BFB program has probably had the biggest impact on our recruiting efforts, as the majority of new hires bike at least occasionally bike to work and some are regular bike commuters.  It is the one thing an organization can do to be hip without trying. – Tim Wojan, Economist, Economic Research Service/USDA

By receiving the initial recognition, we were able to justify installing lockers and increasing our overall support of cycling in our workplace. – Chuck Krivanek, Human Resources Manager, InterContinental Hotels Group

The big plus is that it holds us up as an example of what a small business can do with not a lot of cost — the shower and changing room being the only large cost. We sincerely hope that we are not Dallas’ only BFB for much longer! – Warren Casteel, Manager, Casteel & Associates, Inc.

Bicycle Friendly Universities

Recognition as the first BFU in our state is a point of pride among students, staff, faculty, administrators and alumni. Our admissions staff promote our BFU status when recruiting new students, and our human resources department includes BFU information during new employee orientation. Also, BFU participation has helped secure funding from our Chancellor to implement projects in our campus bicycle master plan. – Suzanne Williams, Associate Director, University of North Carolina at Greensboro

[The BFU award] brought much greater attention to the feasibility of bicycling for students and staff at the university, which has in turn boosted our mode share and made it easier to push for increased improvements for cyclists. It also demonstrated to our President that his administration’s efforts to support bicycling were not only well-received by students and staff, but also provided an opportunity for national recognition for a low investment (with the added bonus of reducing costs, emissions, and improving student health)! – Johann Weber, Graduate Student and Instructor, Georgia Institute of Technology

Thanks to all our partners who contributed!


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