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A Boom in Bicycle-Friendly

Last Friday marked the summer deadline for Bicycle Friendly Community (BFC) and Bicycle Friendly Business (BFB) applications. These programs are a part of our Bicycle Friendly America program, which also includes Bicycle Friendly States and, coming soon, Bicycle Friendly Colleges and Universities. The BFC and BFB programs have grown successfully since 2003 and 2008, respectively. Check out our our Bicycle Friendly America site and map to see profiles of the communities and businesses that currently hold the designation.

This round, with 52 communities and 105 businesses applying, marks a record in the number of applicants in both program!

Bicycle Friendly Community
The two rounds in 2010 have seen a 25 percent increase in applicant communities from the two rounds in 2009. This growth represents a broader range of cities and towns that are realizing the value of being bicycle friendly and making changes in this direction. These communities are located in states including: Mississippi, Maryland, New Mexico,  New Jersey, Tennessee and Texas. The range in populations spans from less than 2,000 to more than 800,000. This impressive array of communities both big and small, east coast and west coast, rural and urban have uniquely incorporated bicycle infrastructure, educational programs, and bicycle master plans.

Bicycle Friendly Business
There was a 50 percent increase in applications this round as compared to the Winter 2010 term. This pool of businesses and organizations reached far beyond the bicycle industry to include medical centers, software companies, federal government agencies, city governments, commercial real estate firms, pharmaceuticals, food services and architectural firms. Employers across the country are installing bike racks and showers, organizing company rides and offering bike commuting compensation to their employees– whether doctor, construction worker, engineer or waiter.

We look forward to reviewing these applications and seeing some of the innovative ways that bikes are being incorporated into America’s communities and businesses. Check back in the fall for the announcement of award winners.

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