Bicycling IS Freedom

Life is better for everyone when more people ride bikes.


We’re making biking an easier and safer option for more people, because when more people bike, people are happier and healthier, our communities are safer and friendlier, and our planet is greener. Together, we can help more people know the joy of bicycling.

Our Movement Because Everyone Deserves to Get Home Safely

The League is improving lives and strengthening communities through bicycling. We are more than 200,0000 members and supporters strong with more than 1,000 state and local advocacy groups and bike clubs as well as thousands of businesses, universities, and communities together leading the movement to create a Bicycle Friendly America for everyone.

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Find local advocacy groups, bike shops, instructors, clubs, classes and more!

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Bike Laws

Bike Laws
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Bike Laws

Learn about the laws regulating bicycling in your state and explore the League’s model laws for better bicycling.

BFA Award Database

Bicycle Friendly America
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Bicycle Friendly America Award Database

Discover the communities, universities and colleges, organizations, and businesses that have earned our awards.

Local Advocacy

Biking Advocacy
Bike Advocacy

Connect to the state and local bicycling advocacy groups in your area who are leading our movement at the ground level.

Education Resources

Bicycling Education
Bike Classes

Education Resources

Better bike skills are only a click away. Find League Cycling Instructors, certification seminars, and instructor-led classes near you.

Bike Clubs

Bike Clubs
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Bike Clubs

Looking for people to ride with in your community? Find League member bike clubs and rides in your area on our map.

Facts & Figures Our Impact

With your support, the League has accomplished major victories for the rights and well-being of people who bike.


increase in federal funding for bicycling infrastructure and safety


newly certified League Cycling Instructors in 2021

36.5 million

Americans living in Silver-level or above Bicycle Friendly Communities


League members and supporters in the movement for better biking

What We Do How We Make An Impact

For your next ride and for generations to come, the League is fighting to build safer roads, stronger and more connected communities, and a Bicycle Friendly America for everyone.


Safer Roads for All

Advocating for the federal funding, technical resources, and bike-forward policies that will create a built environment for everyone that increases bicycling and reduces the dependence on personal cars and trucks.

bicycle-friendly-america-for all

Bicycle Friendly America for All

Supporting the grassroots changemakers making biking better one Bicycle Friendly Community, University, and Business at a time. Our awards program recognizes the local decision makers driving our movement.


Education for All

Empowering people through bicycling education to ride safer, feel more comfortable riding, and be confident biking more often. Our education program certifies community-based instructors and offers curriculum for people beginning their bike joy journey.


Bike Joy for All

Inspiring more Americans to view the bicycle as a simple solution and everyday tool for recreation and for transportation and growing the movement for better bicycling to be increasingly diverse and representative of America.

Interactive Learning Resources Make your next ride even better with our bike lessons and tips

Whether you are ready to teach or ready for some riding tips, our education programs are designed for people of all ages and abilities who want to improve skills, build confidence, or teach others.

lean biking skills

Learn Riding Skills Online

Take our Smart Cycling lessons about how to ride safely with basic, intermediate, and advanced levels for you to test your skills over time.

Learn more

Are you a Bicycle Friendly Driver?

Our Bicycle Friendly Driver course and online exam is a great way to brush up your knowledge for when you’re behind the wheel.

Learn more

Tips for Older Adults

Giving everyone the confidence for their next ride is our goal. We’ve put together some considerations for older adults.

Learn more

Our Blog The Latest News From The League

Cruise endorses guidelines for safe interactions with cyclists – and shows how they’ll meet them

In the nascent autonomous vehicle (AV) industry, ensuring those vehicles interact safely with bicyclists  must

Mar 27, 2023
Press Release, Research/Policy

Show support for tax credits for e-bikes

Let’s get more people on bicycles by making it easier for more people to choose

Mar 23, 2023
Federal Advocacy, Take Action

Bikes Count: 2023 Data Competition Launches

The League is once again partnering with our friends at Eco-Counter to host the annual Bikes Count Data Competition – open for submissions now!

Mar 21, 2023
Bicycle Friendly America, Bicycle Friendly Community

LCI Spotlight: Caryn Davis

Meet Caryn Davis, our latest League Cycling Instructor in the spotlight. Caryn has made it her mission to inspire bike joy in women riders for over a decade.

Mar 13, 2023
Cycling Education

FEATURED Report Reconnecting to the New Majority

In our latest report, the League looks at the research and analysis on the diversity of people who bike. Our report found the bike movement still has much work to do to break down barriers to bicycling for people of color. Yet, there are hopeful signs in the increasing numbers of people of color choosing to bike.

Benchmarking Bicycling Data Facts & Figures About Bicycling In America

The League collects and analyzes federal data about bicycling to better understand how we can remove barriers to bicycling.


Of all bike trips are for social or recreational purposes


Americans who primary way to commute was biking in 2019


Of all bike trips were made by women between 2009-2017

Benchmarking-Bike-Networks-Report-final.pdf 2022-07-22 at 1.56 1

Want to learn more or dive deeper into the stats? Explore our data site, the Benchmarking Project, a collaboration between the League and the CDC’s Active People, Healthy Nation initiativeSM. This ongoing project can inform your next letter to the editor about a new bike lane, support your advocacy at the state level, or help you make the case for better biking with your city council.

Our Members in the Spotlight

Bicycling is a quality of life issue in Scottsdale. Our citizens demand a high level of service.

Reed Kempton

Principal Transportation Planner
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