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7 Reasons to Love the New Challenge

We’re just a couple days out from the kick off of the new-and-improved 2014 National Bike Challenge!

For months, we’ve been working diligently behind the scenes to create a better website that offers our users an intuitive, functional and inspiring experience. We truly appreciated riders’ understanding and constructive feedback as we phased in functionality and completed development.

Many of you asked, “Why the change?” Well, it’s a multi-faceted answer so we wanted to take the time to provide the answers and share with you our vision for what’s to come.

  1. It’s more accessible. We want the National Bike Challenge to be accessible for ALL users — so we developed an independent website that integrates multiple apps. With the rise of smartphones, we wanted to make sure Challenge users can log miles as easily as possible — while still providing a dynamic website for folks entering their rides manually.
  2. There are a variety of tracking options. Each of the apps — Endomondo, MapMyRide, and Moves — offer distinct tracking tools, unique interfaces and accommodate a variety of riders. The new website also allows us to integrate more apps in the future. By making it easy and allowing the Challenge to evolve with the times, we envision reaching monumental numbers so that bicycling becomes everyone’s first choice for recreation, transportation, commuting — whatever the reason!
  3. There is a larger focus on Local Challenges. At the League, we want to offer our local partners the best possible tools to promote bicycling at the community level. The website gives local groups more space to tailor their message, promote their group and showcase their local partners, while still collecting valuable information about ridership in their community.
  4. Businesses also have the ability to offer internal competitions across multiple office locations. Now, U.S.-based companies with worksites across the globe are can be united in their Challenge. A company can enter an unlimited number of worksites to compete collectively as a workplace, while maintaining each worksite’s unique employee make-up and allowing for a friendly internal competition. This year, workplaces will compete based on their total number of employees, but will be ranked by points/1,000 employees — so everyone has a level playing field.
  5. The comments section has always been a vibrant part of the National Bike Challenge — we love hearing from you! Share information with the community about your morning ride, what inspires you, and why you ride. Ask for tips or of- fer advice. We realize this is an important part of the Challenge, so we’ve dedicated a full page to it on the website, under “News Feeds.” We encourage you to be a positive and supportive voice for your local and national community.
  6. Registered users will be eligible for a slew of great prizes, including the grand prize 4-day North American Trek Travel Trip! 
  7. It’s FUN!


Not registered yet? The Challenge begins May 1, so be sure to sign up today at and make every mile count!

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